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[Epub] ↠ Swastika Over Paris  Author Jeremy Josephs – Submitalink.info Swastika over Paris was a great insight to what France was like during World War II The author wrote the book in third person I think it was very informative this way but if he wrote it in first person and made up a character who went through all the real events, I think that would have made itinteresting However, I do think the way it was written provided muchinformation than if it was written in first person The author, I think, was trying This book was a very quick and enjoyable read We live about 2 hours from Paris and I wanted something that covered the plight of Jews in France It mainly follows the stories of two Parisian Jews one that resisted the occupation and horror of persecution and another that cooperated in order to try and save his family The book does a good job of giving the reader the feel of Paris at the t An Account Of The Mass Genocide Of French Jews Under The Authority Of Alois Bruenner, Centering On The Plight Of Two French Jewish Families The Narrative Relates The Parallel Stories Of A Rich Parisian Jew And A Courageous Teenage Girl Who Fought With The Resistance The Publication Of The Book Coincides With An International Campaign To Bring Bruenner To Trial From Damascus Where He Is One Of The Last Nazi War Criminals Still To Be Living In Freedom.

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