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Sweet Seduction Sabotage PDF Ö Sweet Seduction I crave to be near you, Kelly And I have since I first laid eyes on you in Sweet Seduction s store I can t explain it any other way I was drawn to you, like the gravity of the sun I didn t want to fight it, I wanted to, even if only briefly, say it was mine Kelly Quayle has always been a good time girl, finding her thrills wherever and whenever she could But the reality of her lifestyle hits her hard one morning, when she wakes up in a stranger s bed With no recollection of how she got there or what happened when she did, she decides a shake up of her life is in order But cutting ties with the five guys she regularly sees is harder than she thoughtEspecially oneLately Drew Kline has been turning up in all the most unexpected places Namely, on each of Kelly s dates Somehow he manages to waylay her grab her attention and steal her away for himself Or maybe, she just lets him In any event, he s sabotaging her style But with a posse of men to be rid of, and the mess that has become her life, Kelly must first hit rock bottom, before she can even attempt to see the light in Drew s eyes Ex lovers who would rather use their fists instead of words, thrills and excitement, illicit hook ups, heartbroken friends and a man who can t help but try to reach inside and save those parts of her he sees shine It all makes for a turbulent time And just when Kelly thinks she s made it out the other side, another saboteur enters her life Will Kelly let Drew save her Or will she revert to her old ways Or will they even get a chance to find out Love at first sight has never been so dangerous and so very delicious at the same time

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  1. Lady Heather Lady Heather says:

    4.5 stars WOW Kelly Drew s story was AMAZING I m so glad Kelly found her rainbow of colors and didn t end up staying in black.Drew. YOU ROCK I ve been so fortunate to have been able to read this series from book 1 to 6 one after the other because the characters have stayed fresh , and the story line interesting and intriguing.So. now I have to wait imagine that for book 7, which is Eric s story YAY Thank God it s only going to be a couple of weeks because I have a tenancy to get ca 4.5 stars WOW K

  2. Nikki Nikki says:

    Holy Hot Lawyer Batman I had no idea Drew was gonna be such a naughty man D I have loved every book in this series since I first stumbled upon Sweet Seduction Sacrifice And of course, I loved this one too That being said, I felt Sabotage had aemotional tone to it for the first 60% or so Kelly broke my heart and I just wanted her to find her way out of the darkness she found herself sliding into Through the other books, I have been quite curious about her and her wild lifestyle I co Holy Hot Lawyer Batman

  3. JJH--Judy JJH--Judy says:

    3 1 2 stars This one is a little weird for me I am a big fan of this series mostly because I love romantic suspense type books I am not really sure how this one fits in with the rest of the series This one seemed to be two different books in one The first almost 60% was the story about a woman having a hallelujah moment, and trying to change what she considers an empty way of living, and a man who is trying to show her how incredible she is It was a sweet love story of learning self wor 3 1 2 stars This one is

  4. Pamela(AllHoney) Pamela(AllHoney) says:

    The sixth book in the Sweet Seduction series by Nicola Claire Kelly Quayle, who we met in previous books, wakes up in the bed of a stranger and it has her reevaluating her life First off is letting her stable of men go There are five And one of the five is Drew Kline He doesn t want to be let go and does what he needs to convince her he needs to stay.The first half gets about 2 stars I actually got bored with all the sex gasp But a situation pops up in the latter half that raises the s The sixth book in the Sweet Sedu

  5. Jenny Jenny says:

    Love this series and this book was just what I come to love with this author Kelly which we know is Gen s best friend and works at the coffee shop with her is the focus The first part was a bit slow, not a bad thing but not what I have come to expect with this series Kelly is doing some revaluating of her life and what she wants out of it Drew is Dom s best friend and one of the other lawyers in the firm He isn t what I would say is an alpha male but he is protective of Kelly He became par Love this series and this book was

  6. Katie Jay Katie Jay says:

    3.5 but I didn t round up as I didn t enjoy this book as much as others in the series I think it was because of the time scale the book is set over half the novel is set over an 8 12 hour period I was expecting so muchfrom Kelly s story as I think she could have been a farinteresting character withcomplexities than were shown in the story Also the other characters from the series could have been usedto develop the tale and I just don t think they were utilised as e 3.5 but I didn t round up as I didn t enjoy this book as much as ot

  7. Marissa Marissa says:

    This was another great addition to the series, even if the author changed up the formula a bit, which I enjoyed Most of the story follows Kelly as she evaluates the life she s led for the past 15 years, how she wants to move forward and make big changes towards a brighter future And one of those things she does is cancel all of her standing dates with 5 men Of course, one man doesn t want to let her go, he s been secretly sabotaging her dates for the past several months, but she s been lettin This was another great addition to the series,

  8. Kami Kami says:

    Not fucked Not had hard and fast sex But slow and long and tender love Hot and sweaty and totally involved Body, mind, heart and soul You feel it inside your chest You feel it inside your head Your body craves the next sweet caress, your nerves tingle, your breath rushes in eager puffs of air You re wet, but not because it s naughty or dangerous, but because you can t help wanting to connect with that person, to share a part of yourself, to let them in and let them take you to some plac Not fucked Not had hard and fast sex But slow and long and

  9. Jamie Rhodes Jamie Rhodes says:

    Book 6 Drew And Kelly I have enjoyed the previous books with Kelly s fun factor In the beginning of this book, I had a slight problem with her use of sex with so many different partners Thank goodness Drew comes along Drew is Dom s best friend and his law partner He fell for Kelly at first sight She was too busy using men to really notice him The first half of the book gives us the background needed to understand Kelly We see their relationship develop The last part of the book has th Book 6 Drew And Kelly I have enjoyed the previous books with Kelly s

  10. Julie Julie says:

    Finally Kelly s story Once I started I didn t want to put this one down My only problem is I didn t want this book to end I think Drew may be my favorite alpha so far in this series I loved him from beginning to end Perfect in every way Ofcourse I loved all the supporting chacters and what they brought to the story and I must say the sex was out of this world I have enjoyed the entire series thus far and would recommend this one to anyone who loves a little suspense, some action and ton Finally Kelly s story Once I started I didn t want to put this one down M

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