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[Read] ➱ Systematic Theology  ➹ Norman L. Geisler – Submitalink.info This Stand Alone, In Depth Reference Work Is The Culmination Of The Author S 30 Plus Years Of Study And Research In The Introduction Portion Of This Two Part Book, Geisler Examines The Realities Of The Christian Faith, Including The Existence Of God, The Reality Of Truth, The Nature Of Revelation, And Guidelines For Interpretation Part Two Presents The Origin Of Scripture, Its Inspiration, Inerrancy, And Much July

10 thoughts on “Systematic Theology

  1. Ben De Bono Ben De Bono says:

    I had discussion with one of my professors this past week about Geisler He made the comment, referring to Geisler, that not everyone who has an intellectual mind also possesses a subtle mind It s a fascinating and important distinction that perfectly sums up e

  2. David Close David Close says:

    Very comprehensive, but would have benefited fromdepth into specific topics discussions.

  3. Kingsley Layton Kingsley Layton says:

    A great alternative to people like Grudem without deviating one iota from the truth.

  4. Jesse Arsenault Jesse Arsenault says:

    I should note before I start that this is very much a layman s review of this book I don t study theology formally in any way, and my impressions are just my personal interactions with the book in light of what few other theological works I ve read.This is Dr Geisler s first in a series of

  5. Katie Katie says:

    Grad school read

  6. Bryant Rudisill Bryant Rudisill says:

    Thank God for theistic philosophers Such an exhaustive precondition laid as a foundation to Dr Geisler s magnum opus and his prolegomena does well in supporting the weight of the first story an intimidating defense of the orthodox view of the Bible of a seven story construction.I give ten stars because there

  7. Michael Michael says:

    Systematic, indeed and thorough Hardly ever three points and done, get used to reading fifteenthly The prolegomena is an excellent overview of the necessary philosophical presuppositions and refutation of the faulty ones involved in an approach to theology.The Bibliology section is repetitive , but serves to establish

  8. Jacob Aitken Jacob Aitken says:

    Geisler s idiosyncrasies aside, I actually kind of liked this book It is very well organized and is sensitive to a lot of critiques raised by Roman Catholics Since he is not specifically dealing with Calvinism in this book, he therefore actually takes his arguments to the next level.

  9. Tyler Farr Tyler Farr says:

    Good systematic theology for those of you who like Geisler.

  10. Daniel Daniel says:

    While other Volumes in this series may be less then useful, this Volume contains some useful references.

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