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[PDF / Epub] ☀ Tabithas Guardian  ✍ Susie Daniel – Submitalink.info Main Characters Tabitha A young woman who is unjustly accused of committing crimesOwen The man who becomes her guardian and then her husbandMy ThoughtsThis is a so so kind of book Tabitha and Owen are interesting enough characters but the writing is very stiff and the dialogue is stilted It bothers me that while the men make huge mistakes, they only apologize and then go on doing whatever they intended They take no steps to c This story is set in the future Society has regressed somewhat and has almost became puritanical Women are protected and have to dress very modestly Tabitha s step mother has falsely accused her of being immodest Tabitha gets a sp Tabitha and OwenThis was a rather unique and different sci fi futuristic type story The year is 2313 and Tabitha is brought up on charges by her evil stepmother of immodesty among several other fabricated charges Her hope was that the courts would imprison Tabitha but instead they selected a guardian, one who metes out spankings as punishment Guardian Owen is strict and waste no time spanking Tabitha and then takes her home where he will also live and correct her over the next twelve months The plot unfolds and is captivating with the twist and turns into the truth The di The Year Is 2313, And Tabitha Is Shocked When The Magistrate Sentences Her To A Year Of Guardianship Tabitha Is Innocent Of The Charges Her Evil Stepmother Fabricated, But No One Will Listen To Her, And Her Court Appointed Guardian Is Determined To See Her Punished And Taught To Accept The Modest Lifestyle Of A Young Woman Guardian S Owen S Punishment Of Choice Is Hand Spanking, And Given The Fact That Tabitha Has Been Accused Of Immodesty, He Will Deliver Those Spankings On Her Bared Bottom But, Something Does Not Ring True, And While Owen Is There To Enforce The Magistrate S Ruling, He Would Do Some Investigating To See If There Was Any Truth In Tabitha Tatiana S Accusations That Her Stepmother Is Poisoning Her Parent If Tabitha Was Lying To Him, Her Bare Bottom Would Pay The Price

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