Taste the Clouds PDF/EPUB è Taste the PDF/EPUB ²

Taste the Clouds PDF/EPUB è Taste the  PDF/EPUB ² Can you hear color or see music wherever you look Is it possible to touch the stars or smell a rainbow Venturing off the beaten path of nonfiction board books, Taste the Clouds encourages the youngest of readers to expand their imaginations by thinking of the many ways we use our senses to describe the world around us

10 thoughts on “Taste the Clouds

  1. Karina Alvarado Karina Alvarado says:

    I enjoyed this book because it was an easy read and the illustrations were vibrant and colorful If I were to read this to younger children, they would probably find this book funny, but it would spark their imagination and creativity As a result, I think this is a good book to read aloud and have a creative discussion following it.

  2. Beckie Beckie says:

    While this little board book is short, the illustrations and word imagery are just gorgeous Checked out from the library, this is one we WILL be buying in the future.

  3. Ollie Ollie says:


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