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[PDF / Epub] ★ Testing Lysander (Lysander, #2)  By L.M. Somerton – Submitalink.info Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway.Extreme Photographer Lysander Brock Is Accustomed To Challenging Places And Situations But Nothing Can Prepare Him For The Journey That His Dominant Lover, Kyle Dawson, Takes Him On.A Commission To Photograph The Cloud Forests Of The Colombian Andes Becomes The Cover For A Dangerous Mission To Expose A Terrorist Group Brock And Lysander Must Negotiate Treacherous Terrain, A Hazardous Climb And Unexplored Caves To Achieve Their Goal.When Lysander Is Captured And Tortured, He Has No Expectations Of Rescue He Understands That His Life Comes Second To The Mission But Kyle Has No Intention Of Leaving His Beautiful, Submissive Lover In The Hands Of A Madman Kyle Can Deal With The Intense Pressure Of Fighting Lethal Enemies But The Guilt Of Pushing Lysander Into A Life He Never Asked For Is Much Harder To Accept.Lysander And Kyle Journey Together Into A Life Of Adventure, Dominance And Submission, And An Uncertain Future Publisher S Note This Book Is A Sequel To Picturing Lysander And Is Best Read In Order.

10 thoughts on “Testing Lysander (Lysander, #2)

  1. Debra Debra says:

    This story was full of action, spy games and beautiful scenery as photographer Lysander Brock and his lover Kyle Dawson head into the Colombian jungle on a mission for Kyle s mysterious employer Brock s trip as a photographer for National Geographic has become cover for an operation to travel to a camp of known terrorists in order to obtain photo

  2. Angie Angie says:

    I received a copy to read and review for Wicked ReadsI will have to say that I didn t read the first book and I think that would have helped I am not much of an action or suspense reader because those things usually don t work for me except in certain series that I have read This book had hot sex, action and suspense and I liked it There were time

  3. Nic Nic says:

    This was a really difficult book to rate and review It had some elements that I loved and others that threw me slightly After reading the story, I found out there was a prequel If I d known this, and read Picturing Lysander first, I think it would have gone a long way to addressing my issues.Note the publisher s website does advise Testing Lysander

  4. Avid Reader Avid Reader says:

    Testing Lysander LM Somerton 3.5 starsM M Mystery, quasi BDSM, Triggers Violence and KidnappingI was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads.This was a story that including spying and wilderness, BDSM and violence It was described so well, I could picture where they were, what Brock was seeing through the lens, and how he was feeling th

  5. Michael Joseph Michael Joseph says:

    You can ready my review of Testing Lysander at my

  6. Inked Reads Inked Reads says:

    ThreeandHalfStarsThis was a story that including spying and wilderness, BDSM and violence It was described so well, I could picture where they were, what Brock was seeing through the lens, and how he was feeling the entire time.Kyle was someone who took a while to know I understood what he wanted and why, but having not read the previous story, his mo

  7. Pansy Pansy says:

    Last September I reviewed an anthology called What s His Passion Most of the stories were okay stories, but I felt they were nothing than a tease and there was so much to tell in each The anthology included the short titled Picturing Lysander My thoughts were Picturing Lysander by L.M Somerton 3 stars out of 5 Well, this had the beginnings of an exci

  8. Love Bytes Reviews Love Bytes Reviews says:

    4 Heart Review by DanTesting Lysander picks up where the short story above ended It is now time for Brock Lysander and Kyle to go off on their mission to Columbia But boy is it going to be a bumpy ride I really enjoyed this continuation of Brock and Kyle s story because it is much different from the cookie cutter m m romance that so often crosses my pat

  9. Crystal Marie Crystal Marie says:

    After reading the original short in the What s His Passion Bundle I couldn t wait to read this one The short was one of my favorites, and I loved how Somerton wrote about something that is normal aka the drama, suspense and action but added something completely different to it the perspective of everything happening from a photographer who isn t involved

  10. Carole-Ann Carole-Ann says:

    Hmm, not sure Like Brock Lysander he s honest and forthright not keen on Kyle, but I suppose his secret job means he has to keep secrets etc etc etc.Taking Brock to Columbia to photograph some drug lord criminals is somewhat outside Brock s experience, but Kyle really doesn t give much away I found him insufferable when he put on his Dom voice just to dis

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