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[Epub] The Best Awful (Suzanne Vale, #2)  By Carrie Fisher – Submitalink.info This Sequel To The Bestselling Postcards From The Edge Contains Carrie S Fisher S Trademark Intelligence And Wit That Brought Postcards To The Hollywood Movie Screen.When We Left Suzanne Vale At The End Of Carrie Fisher S Bestselling Postcards From The Edge,she Had Survived Drug Abuse, Rehab, And Hollywood Celebrity The Best Awful Takes Suzanne Back To The Edge With A New Set Of Troubles Not The Least Of Which Is That Her Studio Executive Husband Turned Out To Be Gay And Has Left Her For A Man.Lonely For A Man Herself, Suzanne Decides That Her Medication Is Cramping Her Style, And She Goes Off Her Meds With Disastrous Results The Manic Side Of The Illness Convinces Her It Would Be A Good Idea To Get A Tattoo, Cut Off Her Hair, And Head To Mexico With A Burly Ex Con And A Stash Of OxyContin As She Wakes Up In Tijuana, The Depressive Side Kicks In, Leading Suzanne Through A Series Of Surreal Psychotic Episodes Before Landing Her In A Mental Hospital With The Help Of Her Movie Star Mom, A Circle Of Friends, And Even Her Ex Husband, She Begins The Long Journey Back To Sanity The Best Awful Is By Turns Highly Comic And Darkly Tragic, A Roller Coaster Ride Through The Dizzying Highs And Crushing Lows Of Manic Depression, Delivered With Fast And Furious Wit.

10 thoughts on “The Best Awful (Suzanne Vale, #2)

  1. Matt Matt says:

    In her follow up novel , Fisher continues this quasi biographical story about Suzanne Vale In this piece, Vale seems to have come to the horrible realisation that the man who got her pregnant has since had the sexual epiphany that he is gay Struggling with this, Vale tries to put it all into perspective while bemoaning the offspring of a dual c

  2. Maggie Maggie says:

    I really tried to like this book I want to like Carrie Fisher s work She seems like an incredibly kickass person, the sort of aunt you would want on your side when your mother is being completely unreasonable about your choice of boyfriend or when you find yourself alone and crying on a bus.It seems that Fisher writes a novel after surviving incredibly

  3. Carolee Carolee says:

    Like many people when they were manic, she imagined that everything she said was both riveting and worthy of note, and endlessly served up large pieces of her distorted mind She possessed all the intensity and energy that generally came with intellect, only in her case, those characteristics came hopelessly alone pg 220 Perhaps THE best insight into Carrie Fi...

  4. Snotchocheez Snotchocheez says:

    1 star for the first half of the book 4 stars for the way too real account of the downward spiral into the abyss 1 star for the ridiculous Hollywood Ending 2 Stars total Oh, Carrie Fisher, the stories you could tell if only you could construct a coherent sentence, or refrain from jokey aphorisms that simply aren t funny or out of context Of all of Hollywoodland, the one

  5. ElphaReads ElphaReads says:

    When Carrie Fisher tragically passed away at the end of 2016, I, like many, was pretty torn up about it I loved her in everything she was in, and I loved that we had such a spirited and candid mental health advocate in the spotlight to be honest and open about her struggles I truly believe that her activism did a lot when it comes to de stigmatizing mental illness, and while we h

  6. Wendy Eastman link Wendy Eastman link says:

    Having experienced bipolar first hand, I saw myself in this book At one point I had to stop because the way she described being manic, the experience it was almost too realistic When Carrie Fisher wrote this book I found it to be very close to her own life I didn t know she had it Truth is stranger than fiction There was a lot of strange truth i...

  7. Ashley Ashley says:

    I listened to this on Audio books, and it was just boring To me, there really wasn t any type of actual story Blah blah blah, she s bipolar, she s depressed, she nearly kills herself, she goes into rehab I have enough depressing things in life to t...

  8. Jackballoon Jackballoon says:

    This book is very depressing, revealing what addicts and mentally ill people go through And i m guessing many addicts are mentally ill its very hard to comprehend, but makes me realize that whatever is wrong with my life is not nearly as bad as it could be.

  9. Sean Kennedy Sean Kennedy says:

    This is a sequelto the movie of Postcards From the Edge than the book It makes for a disjointed read when the two books are read in conjunction as the two worlds never seem to meld that cohesively The ending also seems rather tacked on andlike a wish fulfillment than an earned arc.However, the middle section where Suzanne goes off her medication is brilliant an exceptional piece of writing We see Suzanne s behaviou

  10. Kate Kate says:

    My love for Carrie Fisher is well documented, and after reading all four of her novels this year, I would say justified Completely justified This book picks up maybe a decade after Postcards from the Edge and like all of Fisher s novels, the lines blur between fiction and her real life experiences It almost seems as if she s the kind of person writing I have a friend with a problem, and this friend suffers from addiction an

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