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[Ebook] ↠ The Case of the Piggy Bank Thief  Author Martha Freeman – Submitalink.info Fun mystery tale that is part of First Kids Mystery Series Two girls live in the White House with their mother who is the president of the United States In this book, Tessa, thinks she has found the perfect place to hide her piggy bank It disappears and she thinks it has been stolen Can there really be a thief in the White House The girls have their dog, Hooligan help in the search and this leads to some very funny situations This text is best read to first and second graders as the story would appeal to them but the font is somewhat small and migh SM I m sorry, but this book simply failed to totally capture my attention The premise was good two girls living in the White House, whose mother is president And this is the 4th book in the series However, the writing, while competent, is stilted and the story fails to flow The author puts in lots of nonfiction information, obviously intending to inform as well as entertain, but the story drags One of the girls is missing her piggy bank Holes are bei Genre MysteryGrade Level Intermediate I chose this book as one of my favorites because it had the ability to make you feel as if you were really there as well making you imagine what it would be like to be in the characters shoes This book was all about the children of the President of the United States The children were on a mission to find the missing piggy bank that Tessa had hidden for safe kee Series Approved Although A Stolen Piggy Bank Is Normally No Big Deal, This Particular Bank Belongs To Seven Year Old Tessa, Whose Mother Is The President Of The United States.When Her Eleven Year Old Sister, Cammie, Finds Out That The Piggy Also Held An Old Coin Their Dog, Hooligan, Dug Up From The White House Lawn, The Case Really Gets Complicated And Delicate The Coin In Question, They Realize, Is Probably The One Archaeologists Have Been Trying To Uncover And Is Worth Millions The Girls Have Got To Find The Culprit And The Coin And Turn It In Or Their Mother Will Have A Major Scandal On Her Hands.

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