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[Epub] ↠ The Crowham Martyrs  Author Jane McLoughlin – Submitalink.info A fantastic twist on the boarding school mystery that seems to flooding the pre teen marlet at the moment Sufficiently scary without having anything which would cause me concern as a parent, it s a brilliantly well written spooky mystery a perfect october read. The Crowham Martyrs by Jane McLoughlinStory I was incredibly surprised by how this storyline progressed throughout the book Even though I have never read a book that was based primarily around ghosts, I still had very low expectations This was only because I have previously read books about fallen angels and zombies before and did not enjoy them to a standard that I expected to I went into this book with low expectations, as ghosts are something children talk about, which would mean I wouldn t find it intriguing enough I read the first sentence of this book and was instantly pleasantly surprised It did something every book should do, but not enough books actually do, and made me really want to read on The firs t chapter was brilliantly set out I knew the characters name and what she looks like and a little bit about her life I had also been described the area around her, which immediately made it easy to imagine Instantly we had some form of foreshadowing which worked very well, and also a few rhetorical questions At page 15, I had written intriguing on my notes, which meant that from then on, my low expectations had evaporated Looking back on the first dream flashback we have, I realised that slowly as you read on, you are actually given many hints about what s going that you realise, and that s incredibly clever.The amount of plot twists in this book was crazy, and I can recall myself gasping out loud a Could There Really Be Witches And Demons Here At Crowham Are The Badness And Fings Real And Do All These Things Have Anything To Do With Hannah Going Missing Do They Have Anything To Do With Me Between Growing Up And Boy Trouble Maddy Deeprose May Seem Like Your Average 13 Year Old Girl, But There S Something Different About Maddy She Can See Ghosts The New School Term Starts At Crowham Martyrs, But Maddy Can Sense That Something Is Wrong She Begins To Have Disturbing Visions And Nightmares Of Suffering And Pain And When Her Best Friend Goes Missing And Nobody Will Listen To Her, Maddy Knows It Up To Her To Uncover The Truth Behind The Crowham Martyrs And Stop History Repeating Itself A Spine Tingling Mystery That Will Haunt You Forever. An excellent creepy book with lots of twists Do i believe in ghosts i don t know, but i do love a good ghost story From a young age i loved watching TV programmes like Most Haunted and also being born on Halloween i also truly believed i was a witch WHEN I WAS LITTLE OK So when i got the chance to read a book that has ghosts in i was excited I like to see peoples different perspectives on ghost s and how they involve them into the story Plus i love a good boarding school story This book is about a young girl called Maddy Deeprose who can see ghosts, she has always seen ghosts and they never really bother her too much Maddy only lives with her mother who decides to send her to a boarding school During her time at Crowham Martys Maddy is not alone in thinking it is a creepy place, but she gets on with life until her friends start to disappear, weird things are happening around her and everyone seems to be keeping a secret from her Something evil is at Crowham Martys and Maddy seems to be in the middle of it.One thing i liked about the book is when you get to the end and find out everything you need to know, you think back over what you have read and realise that you have been getting clues all along It was very clever in the way this was done and makes me want to read the book again Just so i can pick up all the clues again I also liked how the book made you feel, nothing was reviled straight away and therefore you it makes yo I love YA horror books, and The Crowham Martyrs has many of the classic, winning factors of any horror novel 1 Seriously creepy old haunted building in this case a boarding school, even better 2 Scary woods3 Small close knit village with secrets and a dark past and residents who are not quite what they seem as the nearest populated place4 History stuffsMaddy Deeprose isn t scared of ghosts she s seen them all her life So she s not scared by the sheer number of ghosts who populate her boarding school in Sussex, Crowham Martyrs.She starts to get scared, however, when she experiences a series of eerie, horrific visions of the past, which seem to be linked to the history of the school building, which dates back to the time when so called witches were burnt at the stake As she begins to uncover the past of the building and nearby village, creepy things happen Why is everyone so afraid of the local woods What are the mysterious scratch marks etched into the buildings of the village Why is there a hidden room full of ancient books written in weird languages hidden in the depths of her school Why are the teachers who are supposed to protect her suddenly acting so strange around her The Crowham I love Catnip books They publish some really unexpected gems and as a consequence I am always excited about reading anything they send me pretty much the moment it drops through my letterbox This book is no exception I started it knowing it was set in a boarding school and had ghosts in it and that was enough for me to want to read it I love a good boarding school story at the best of times and this sounded like it had an edge and boy I wasn t wrong about the edge This book is seriously creepy The kind of creepy that comes back and plays in your mind long after you ve finished it and gives you creepy nightmares I m not really one for getting freaked out about books but this did it For me the main character Maddy drove this book You warm to her from the outset and you find yourself draw into this incredibly odd situation s The Crowham Martyrs is an amazing fantasy read by Jane McLoughlin The adventure seems never ending and I love how the author interprets the ghosts as not frightening or menacing but as Maddy s guards protectors The fact that there is an element of mystery and the presence of the unknown draws you into the book and the blurb is quite attra This book was set in a boarding school and the main character is able to see ghosts I found the story to be very fast paced and I read it very quickly At times, I found the story a bit confusing and I wasn t too sure what was happening The descriptions were rea Really slow, so much could have been done with the plot but it was just left as a semi mediocre book

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