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!!> EPUB ❃ The Dancing Goddesses  ✾ Author Elizabeth Wayland Barber – Submitalink.info BOOKS The Dancing Goddesses By Elizabeth Wayland Barber Xxlhuge.eu From Southern Greece To Northern Russia, People Have Long Believed In Female Spirits, Bringers Of Fertility, Who Spend Their Nights And Days Dancing In The Fields And Forests So Appealing Were These Spirit Maidens That They Also Took Up Residence In Nineteenth Century Romantic Literature.Archaeologist And Linguist By Profession, Folk Dancer By Avocation, Elizabeth Wayland Barber Has Sleuthed Through Ethnographic Lore And Archaeological Reports Of East And Southeast Europe, Translating Enchanting Folktales About These Dancing Goddesses As Well As Eyewitness Accounts Of Traditional Rituals Texts That Offer New Perspectives On Dance In Agrarian Society She Then Traces These Goddesses And Their Dances Back Through The Romans And Greeks To The First Farmers Of Europe Along The Way, She Locates The Origins Of Many Customs, Including Coloring Easter Eggs And Throwing Rice At The Bride The Result Is A Detective Story Like No Other And A Joyful Reminder Of The Human Need To Dance.

10 thoughts on “The Dancing Goddesses

  1. Josh Harvey Josh Harvey says:

    I finished this book back in the summer, but wanted to write a sorta detailed review for a while, just never got around to it Barber s scholarship is immense At some moments of reading I was reminded of rea

  2. Margaret Sankey Margaret Sankey says:

    As anyone who has ever sung a work song while digging knows, communal song and dance are a community bonding activity that channels energy Barber looks at Eastern European folk dance and triangulates it with

  3. Alesa Alesa says:

    This book is an archeologist s ode to her passion for Eastern European folk dance Parts are erudite, and full of fascinating facts about the region s culture and history She explains, for instance, why the co

  4. Danielle Danielle says:

    Amazing anthropological work on the origins of folk dance and folklore in Eastern Europe.

  5. CarolynKost CarolynKost says:

    Barber, Professor Emerita of Archeology and Linguistics at Occidental College, sets out to document the origins of dance in the region ranging from Crete through the Balkans to the Baltic In the effort, however

  6. Tiffany Johnson Tiffany Johnson says:

    Having studied Middle Eastern culture and history extensively, I didn t think that Ms Barber s tome would have many surprises for me I was wrong From the earliest civilizations, we learn that dance was used to p

  7. Salena Salena says:

    I loved reading this book I learned so many incredibly interesting things, and I would say my biggest takeaways were how much folklore has been lost in the last few hundred years, but also how deep the roots of f

  8. Horus Horus says:

    Another good and comprehensive analysis of a particular part of history in this case folk dancing While the subject focusses mostly on thr Russian and slavic traditions, she also discusses the Celts and other euro

  9. Michele Michele says:

    If you read this book, you will be enlightened about history, anthropology, folkways, language, the lives of women, and dance Barber takes us from current day Balkan people back through medieval times to the Romans

  10. MJ MJ says:

    Author taught linguistics, archaeology, and cognitive science and has gathered together what is known and conjectured about the origin of European dance A lot of it went over my head but I loved her piecing together

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