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[Download] ➵ The Diamond Key By Barbara Metzger – Submitalink.info The Key To His HeartOn The Evening Of Her Come Out Ball, Lady Victoria Keyes Received From Her Father A Gold Key With Diamonds And The Admonition To Find The Heart The Gift Unlocked But After Three Seasons She Is Still Unwed Then A Trip To A London Modiste Ends With Torrie Trapped In A Deadly Blaze, And She Vows That If She Lives She Ll Marry The Next Man Who Asks, Be He A Fop, A Tool, Or A Fortune HunterExiled From Society, Wynn, Viscount Ingall, Has Braved Barren Wildernesses And Sailed The Seven Seas Yet He Faces Trepidation Such As He Has Never Known After Lie Saves A Damsel In Distress From A Burning Building And She Insists On Becoming His Bride Even Though Wynn Believes He S The Worst Man Torrie Could Ever Love, He Soon Finds That Once The Flame Sparks There S No Putting Out The Fire

10 thoughts on “The Diamond Key

  1. QNPoohBear QNPoohBear says:

    Lady Victoria Keyes is known as the Diamond of the ton She s been out for three seasons and hasn t found a husband, despite her great beauty and wealth Torrie s parents want her to marry for true and abiding love, just as they did, and

  2. Desi Desi says:

    Average overall Less funny than her other work Sort of a worn out version of the same recycled plot without the level of humour required to distract from this Nothing much to offend either so it s very readable Also, was Metzger pregnant when s

  3. Kathy Kathy says:

    I ended up really enjoying this one I was a little surprised that most of the story takes place from Wynn s perspective, luckily I liked him and it was fun to see the awkward situations he would find himself in He is a very likable character, I loved t

  4. Donna Hatch Donna Hatch says:

    I loved this book It was well written, had a great story with likeable characters The heroine s vow to marry the man who would save her from the burning building created and instantly likeable character It also promised the reader that there would be lots of f

  5. Wealhtheow Wealhtheow says:

    Lady Victoria Keyes is beautiful, well mannered, and an heiress She s been beset by suitors since her come out, but has yet to meet someone she actually wants to marry When a fire breaks out at her dressmaker s, she swears to marry whoever rescues herand it s a rich t

  6. Anneceleste Anneceleste says:

    3,5 because the last 30 40 pages were not up to the rest of the book.

  7. Susannah Carleton Susannah Carleton says:

    Delightful With many romances and a plethora of happy endings, this story is fun to read.

  8. Anne Glover Anne Glover says:

    A fast read that is genre true with likeable characters and some funny bits.For my full review A fast read that is genre true with likeable characters and some funny bits.For my full review

  9. Jane Jane says:

    3.25 stars heavy pg13 mild r lite see below Fun book Some funny, sharp lines throughout, as well as some over the top stuff and a silly ending typical for Metzger Barrogi, the Hero s rough, somewhat seedy, Italian, man of all jobs is absolutely hysterical The field hospital at Mrs Reese s ball is a

  10. Amy Amy says:

    A lot of adventure with several couples finding a happy ending before the last pages.The male main character was great, a bit of a tough guy with soft heart Despite all the unkindness done to him in the past he was generous and thoughtful in helping others.The female main character was fun and her scenes si

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