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!!> PDF / Epub ✈ The Foundling: The True Story of a Kidnapping, a Family Secret, and My Search for the Real Me ⚣ Author Paul Joseph Fronczak – Submitalink.info A Gripping Tale Of Secrets And Self Discovery People The Foundling Tells The Incredible And Inspiring True Story Of Paul Fronczak, A Man Who Recently Discovered Via A DNA Test That He Was Not Who He Thought He Was And Set Out To Solve Two Fifty Year Old Mysteries At Once Along The Way He Upturned The Genealogy Industry, Unearthed His Family S Deepest Secrets, And Broke Open The Second Longest Cold Case In US History, All In A Desperate Bid To Find Out Who He Really Is.In 1964, A Woman Pretending To Be A Nurse Kidnapped An Infant Boy Named Paul Fronczak From A Chicago Hospital Two Years Later, Police Found A Boy Abandoned Outside A Variety Store In New Jersey The FBI Tracked Down Dora Fronczak, The Kidnapped Infant S Mother, And She Identified The Abandoned Boy As Her Son The Family Spent The Next Fifty Years Believing They Were Whole Again But Paul Was Always Unsure About His True Identity Then, Five Years Ago Spurred On By The Birth Of His First Child, Emma Faith Paul Took A DNA Test The Test Revealed Definitively That He Was Not Paul Fronczak From That Moment On, Paul Has Been On A Tireless Mission To Find The Man Whose Life He S Been Living And To Discover Who Abandoned Him, And Why This Is The Story Of Paul S Heart Wrenching And Tortuous Journey To Solve Both Mysteries And Finally Learn The Truth About His Identity The Foundling Is A Touching And Inspiring Story About A Child Lost And Faith Found, About The Permanence Of Families And The Bloodlines That Define You, And About The Emotional Toll Of Both Losing Your Identity And Rediscovering Who You Truly Are.

10 thoughts on “The Foundling: The True Story of a Kidnapping, a Family Secret, and My Search for the Real Me

  1. Mischenko Mischenko says:

    To see this review please visit www.readrantrockandroll.com The Foundling by Paul Fronczak is a true story about a boy strayed at childhood and connected to a kidnapping I was extremely engaged because I d never heard this story The book quickly turns into a search through his past and continues on that path until the final conclusion Spoilers belo

  2. Hannah Hannah says:

    I dislike rating memoirs this low because they tell the story of someone s life and who am I to judge them for the way they chose to tell it That being said, this was kind of a mess Paul Fronczak clearly is still too close to everything that happened and didn t have the time to process it As a result, this memoir lacks self reflection and depth.Paul

  3. Stacy Stacy says:

    Wow all I can say is that RTC I need time to digest this.Review and interview with the author Paul Joseph Fronczak on our blog parent s worst nightmare A baby is born, and only a day old disappears out of the hospital in Chicago by a woman dressed like a nurse Gone without a trace The hospital doesn t bother to tell you, the mother, for several hours

  4. Dem Dem says:

    An engaging and touching true story about a man trying to find the answers to to questions about his identity and his struggle to understand the past and to accept the answers he was given This is the story of Paul Fronczak who after 50 years learns through a DNA test that he is not who he thought he was and the road to discovery is no longer availabl

  5. Michelle Michelle says:

    An astonishing, riveting, and heartfelt debut memoir of an infant abduction that led to the largest manhunt in the history of Chicago The Foundling authored by Paul Fronczak with Alex Tresniowski is also about search for identity and truth found in family ties and connections, whether biological or of the heart.Part I The Fronczak infant boy Paul Josep

  6. Davyne DeSye Davyne DeSye says:

    A real life mystery very intriguing and kept me turning pages until the very end.Paul Joseph Fronczak never felt like he belonged with his family But it wasn t until he was 10 years old that he discovered old newspaper articles in his family s basement all about his kidnapping from the hospital the day after he was born, and then his ultimate recovery t

  7. Antigone Antigone says:

    It s holiday time and the house is empty Ten year old Paul Fronczak, mischievous lad that he is, sets off to hunt down the family s cache of hidden Christmas presents He runs down to the basement and pulls an old gray sofa from the wall in order to reach a wooden door leading to a crawlspace He rifles through the items in storage there until he comes acr

  8. Katie Larson Katie Larson says:

    If you like biographies or mystery thrillers, pick this book up immediately I could not put it down and finished it within two days This story hastwists, turns, dead ends, new glimpses of hope, questions and answers and thenquestions then you could ever believe It s hard to sit back and remember that this is someone s life and not a mixture of a soap oper

  9. Producervan in Cornville, AZ from New Orleans & L.A. Producervan in Cornville, AZ from New Orleans & L.A. says:

    What a fascinating book A can t put it down factual account of the nearly inscrutable life of a brave man who searches for his true identity that is by turns heartbreaking and comforting HIGHLY recommend for adoptees and those who find the growing science of DNA and family history of keen interest.

  10. Jeanette Jeanette says:

    For most readers this book willclosely approach a 4 star read But for me it was almost exactly a 3.5 star And I can t round it up because the length in a tremendous number of asides to himself apart from the issue of finding his DNA matches Well at times that just overwhelmed the entire progress of the book The tangent 10 page escapade event or adventure or

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