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The Lake of Lilies ePUB Ú The Lake  Epub / One girls deathmurder, intrigue, mystery, passion TRUTHCAN MURDER LEAD TO LOVE Little Hamsden a picturesque town, nestled in the English countryside When a young girl disappears, tensions run high and a private investigator is called in to help solve the case Lisa Reynolds is a key witness A bakery assistant by day and a club singer by night, whose world is thrown into turmoil by a tragic event So begins a journey of intrigue, romance, love and passion, combined with a burning desire to unravel the mystery What happened at the Lake of Lilies

10 thoughts on “The Lake of Lilies

  1. Melanie Mole Melanie Mole says:

    I loved this book so much that it only took me 2 days to read Everything else, like chores, went out of the window so that I could just enjoy reading this wonderful book The characters draw you in like elastic, pulling you into the story and holding you there Each one is interesting and colourful in their own way You want t

  2. Phil Price Phil Price says:

    Having read other titles by this author, I thought I d give this one a go The story is centred on Lisa, a young woman living in a small town who witnesses a heated altercation between a man and a woman The victim is found soon after, strangled From there, Lisa is swept along with police interviews whilst trying to keep some s

  3. Jill Kelley Jill Kelley says:

    A page turner, mystery, murder and romance It will keep you intrigued.I read lake of lilies in a day, it had me hooked as I m sure it will you.A fabulous read by julia Sutton.

  4. Maria Maria says:

    A thoroughly enjoyable read The main character, Lisa Reynolds, is a likeable and believable woman who is a witness to a scene that ends in a murder which changes Lisa s life.There is a lot of description which keeps you on the edge of your seat as you wonder what might happen It is a beautiful story of love and loss.I wanted to k

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