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[Download] ➵ The Last Battle: The Mayaguez Incident and the End of the Vietnam War ➾ Ralph Wetterhahn – Submitalink.info What a book this was to read And what an eye opener it was too This was an incident that occurred after the Vietnam war at the time that Pol Pot was trying to gain power with his Khmer Rouge followers in Cambodia It was unknown to me but as soon as I began reading the book I wondered why it was not given prominence than what it has It is difficult to grasp the reasons why, when America had such a superiority in men and machinery, it lost the war in Vietnam, but becomes even difficult to fathom why it persisted with it s America is all powerful style of diplomacy or lack thereof Adolf Hitler was crticised after the Second World War for his persistent meddling in tactical decisions rather than strategic ones, yet here was Gerald Ford and all the top Eagles in the government doing the same To say that this caused unnecessary loss of life would be grossly understating the fact Full marks to Ralph Wetterhahn for grabbing t This is a great story told in the manner similar to Mark Bowden s Black Hawk Down and both books sit proudly in my library Prior to reading this account of the Mayaguez incident I had very little knowledge of what had occurred other than an American ship had been seized by communist forces during or just after the Vietnam War I wasn t aware that American military personnel had lost their lives in retaking the ship or even that a battle had been fought.This book, for me, was full of surprises The details about the micro management of the rescue mission, the large number of aircraft, ships and men involved and the large loss of equipment and men were all eye openers I read with surprise that within so little time after the end of the conflict in Vietnam that the higher echelons of the American military seemed to have forgotten all the hard lessons learnt during that war When you read this book you cannot help but come away with nothing but praise for the soldiers, sailors and airmen involved in the mission The story of the three man machine gun crew was sad, so because the author had taken the time to resear This book was of particular interest since I was a member of Naval Patrol Squadron 4 stationed at Cubi Point Naval Air Station at that time In fact, the author mentions our Commanding Officer and several other officers in the squadron but never mentions the squadron by name VP 4 , though VP 17 was mentioned as being out of Cubi Point Maybe it s because an USAF pilot wrote the book Which makes me wonder why all the USAF aircraft mentioned in the book are pictured in an appendix and the lone Navy P3 that was on site the entire time was overlooked.Anyway, about the book It is well researched and pulls no punches It actually reads like a fine thriller and I had to stop and reset my thinking several times It surprised me that this was considered the final battle of the Vietnam War There was one statement on page 256 that I know is incorrect because we continued to fly out of U tapao until returning to our home port in the fall This, of course may have I loved this book since it showed various perspectives. This is an excellent account of the last battle of the Vietnam War The author has painstakingly researched and documented the battle, the details of the chaotic command and control, the woeful planning and preparation, the ad hoc execution of the battle plan and the individual courage and heroics of the participants He has brought to the front the stories of the three Marines who were left behind, held out then A great read of a fascinating and very well researched true story It s without doubt one of the most interesting books about the Vietnam War out there, although it s actually much the story of a short, intense, wrong going battle against the Khmer Rouge than a story about America s failed attempt to win a devastating war in Vietnam Or, as Ralph Wetterhahn says it himself The struggle o In 1975 Cambodia s Khmer Rouge captured the American merchant ship S.S Mayguez In order to prevent a replay of the Puebo incident, the US government launches a rescue attempt This is the story of the rescu PDF Epub The Last Battle The Mayaguez Incident And The End Of The Vietnam War Author Ralph Wetterhahn Capitalsoftworks.co.uk On May Just Days The American Embassy In 12, 1975, After Saigon Was Evacuated, Khmer Rouge Forces Seized The SS Mayaguez Three Days Later, President Ford Launched A Military Raid To Rescue The Crew Of The Merchant Ship But As The Attack Began On Koh Tang Island, The Hostages Were Being Released From An Entirely Different Location Incomplete Intelligence Reports Had Unwittingly Sent The Marines Into A Bloodbath In The Ensuing Chaos Many Soldiers Died, And Three Machine Gunners Were Mistakenly Left Behind As They Steadfastly Defended The American Retreat.In This Remarkable Book, Journalist And Vietnam Veteran Ralph Wetterhahn Re Creates The Story Of The Mayaguez Incident And Poignantly Reveals, For The First Time, The Harrowing Fate Of The Three Young Marines Who Were Forgotten By Their Comrades, Indeed By Their Country The Last Battle Is A Riveting Narrative Of Combat, Courage, And Governmental Blunders That Serves As A Metaphor For The Entire Vietnam War. A vague and blundering account of a little known event After pages of tedious forensics interspersed with corny, overdone sentiment, I was still unsure of the exact import of the titular incident Not so much boring or offensive as just confusing and incoherent. I remember following the MAYAQUEZ incident when I was young, but there sure were a lot of things we weren t told about then An interesting read The Marines apparently left three of their own on the beach, all of whom were brutally executed and then the US covered it.

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