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!!> BOOKS ✵ The Persistent Illusion ✫ Author Ryan D. Gable – Submitalink.info Although Not Mandatory, Ryan S First Book, The Grand Illusion , Is Key In Understanding WHO Controls The World And HOW The Persistent Illusion Explores WHY In The Persistent Illusion, Ryan Recaps The Nature Of Reality And Hidden History Of Mankind A Background On Ancient Holy Days Is Provided To Make Us Aware Of The Influence Of Certain Symbols, And Also Rituals That We Participate In Daily The Book Exposes Global Practices Of Genocide And Eugenics Conducted By Mega Wealthy Elitists To Stun And Strip The Willpower And Soul From Humanity Are These Globalists Human, Alien Or Possessed Ryan Proposes That The Global Trans Humanism Eugenics Genocide Agenda May Be A Phase Within A Complex, Already Underway Alien Invasion Of Earth After Several Introductions And Forwards By Authors Such As Brad Olsen And Jim Marrs, Then The Book Gets Moving Part I Explores The Nature Of Reality In Greater Detail Than Ryan S First Book, The Grand Illusion, But In A Comprehensive And Easy To Understand Way For Both Beginners And Experts Included Is An Overview Of Holographic Imaging Related To Our Own Holographic World And Correlations Between Shells, Pine Cones, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Atoms, Galaxies, Etc And Geometric Mathematics Part II Ties In With The First Section By Further Detailing The Essence Of Suppressed Female Energy And Overtly Exercised Male Energy In All Major Institutions Politically And Religiously From These Dual Understandings Of Nature The Book Explores Further Into The Realm Of The Occult And Esoteric Offering A Complex, Yet Simple Look At The Ancient Secret Teachings Of Past Ages In Explaining The Origins Of Many Religious Teachings And Symbols, Mutilated By Black Magicians, Which Have Today Become Our Political Elite Classes Part III Then Opens The Discussion For What Ryan Has Termed The Eugenics Agenda, An Agenda Of The New Age Set In Motion By Multinational Corporations, International Banks And A Handful Of Elite Bloodline Families This Agenda Is Traced To Biblical Times Where Ryan Presents A True History Of The Jewish People, Being Abused Today By Radical Zionist Motives From Biblical Times, The Agenda Can Be Traced Through Nazi Germany And Into The Modern United States With Certain Family Names Repeatedly Occurring, Including The Bush And Clinton Families With Strong Ties With The Eugenics Agency Known As Planned Parenthood This Section Also Contains A Look At International Networks Of Child Abusers And Details Convictions Of The Queen And Pope In International Common Law Court Of Justice Hearings The Eugenics Agenda Essentially Breaks Down All Forms Of Population Control From Poisoned Water And Poisoned Food, To Overdoses Of Pharmaceutical Medications And Vaccinations In The Book, Ryan Goes Into Extremely Surgical Detail With Documents To Back Up His Claims To Allow The Reader Pertinent Facts They Can Use To Help Get Themselves Healthy This Includes A Full Factual Overview Of GMOs And How To Read Food Labels It Also Includes A Look At Surpassed Methods For Curing Cancer And AIDS, With A Forward Written By Dr Leonard Caldwell, A World Renown Cancer Cure Treatment Expert Part IV Is Loaded With Official NASA And RUSSIAN Space Photos Of Strange Objets Captured Near The Sun, Earth S Moon, Saturn, And Other Planetary Bodies With These Strong Official Documents, Ryan Presents The Notion And Thought Provoking Inquiry That Perhaps Mankind Was Not Only Seeded By An Extraterrestrial Race, But We Are Still Under Their Control To This Day What Is The Truth You Decide

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