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[PDF] ↠ The Red Lotus Author Chris Bohjalian – Submitalink.info Hours From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Midwives And The Flight Attendant Comes A Twisting Story Of Love And Deceit An American Man Vanishes On A Rural Road In Vietnam, And His Girlfriend, An Emergency Room Doctor Trained To Ask Questions, Follows A Path That Leads Her Home To The Very Hospital Where They MetThe First Time Alexis Saw Austin, It Was A Saturday Night Not In A Bar, But In The Emergency Room Where Alexis Sutured A Bullet Wound In Austin S Arm Six Months Later, On The Brink Of Falling In Love, They Travel To Vietnam On A Bike Tour So That Austin Can Show Her His Passion For Cycling And He Can Pay His Respects To The Place Where His Father And Uncle Fought In The War But As Alexis Sips White Wine And Waits At The Hotel For Him To Return From His Solo Ride, Two Men Emerge From The Tall Grass And Austin Vanishes Into Thin Air The Only Clue He Leaves Behind Is A Bright Yellow Energy Gel Dropped On The Road As Alexis Grapples With This Bewildering Loss, And Deals With The FBI, Austin S Prickly Family, And Her Colleagues At The Hospital, Alexis Uncovers A Series Of Strange Lies That Force Her To Wonder Where Did Austin Go Why Did He Really Bring Her To Vietnam And How Much Danger Has He Left Her In Set Amidst The Adrenaline Fueled World Of The Emergency Room, The Red Lotus Is A Global Thriller About Those Who Dedicate Their Lives To Saving People, And Those Who Peddle Death To The Highest Bidder Perhaps Chris Bohjalian s best thriller ever, this novel starts with a simple missing person situation and grows into an international biological warfare tangle It is a terrific read, with suspense like something out of Hitchcock, surprises for characters and readers alike, and one of the nastiest bad guys I ve encountered in years Three things make this book exceptional, and than an ordinary thriller The first is the setting, as much of the novel takes place in Vietnam which is rendered so vividly, you feel the humidity Second, the attention to detail, especially when it comes to minor characters, so that everyone in this book feels like a living person And third, toward the end there is an unexpected revelation of the book s big heartedness, so that right in the middle of the climax you find yourself feeling deeply for the characters and their whole predicament I read an advance review edition of this novel thank you, Doubleday , which is not out till March, and urge you to pre order It s that good. Another limbo book moving back and forth between 3 and 4, but this time, my 3.5 stars are going to be rounded down to 3 Don t boo Maybe it s because of my mood to read something reliable with likable characters easy to resonate with I mostly like the slow burn but gripping and multi POVed surprising writing style of the writer But I had some kind of misconnection as I started flipping pages Maybe I wanted to read something concrete than biological war conspiracies and secrets the disappearing boyfriend kept, the danger of big plague threatening the world kind of book was not cup of my tea At some parts of the book red lotus defined as heart healer and its daily moves as sinking in the water at the night, curling up water and rising at the dawn is a metaphoric resurrection But this book is all about the plague created by mice so nothing is about resurrection, it s about extinction so my idea is changing the book name as The invasion of vengeful mice or New York Mice Infinity War , Mice s jetlag after their vacation in Vietnam I had several other options but I think I continue to write it down, the author may be banned me from reading his books forever So I shut my mouth At least we have a somewhat likable heroine meets a guy at the ER when she works on his arm wound She falls for him and follows him to the end of the world No they didn t go to the Mars, they just traveled to Nam so no big deal but still great sacrifice for heroine The guy has a bucket list to visit the places in Nam where his father and uncle have fought at 70 s He acted like Kevin from This is us but luckily we didn t read flashbacks from his dad and passed away uncle s dysfunctional, competitive relationship Then she finds out everything they had was a big, bold, irritating lie But she doesn t fall back or grieve She finds out the hidden truth and fight with those shady bastards Atta girl We had a really entertaining hero I reject to call him hero actually Let s call him kidnapped boyfriend He doesn t do anything literally entertaining, he lies, cheats and makes his girlfriend believe he has good intention to travel to Nam and hides his secret agenda by putting her life into danger So best thing about this hero is he gave me so many reasons to slap him day and night Surprisingly my name s meaning in English is also lotus So I may sink at the night but I can work on his nasty cheeks from dusk till dawn Payback is a bitch I liked the conclusion of the story Some parts could be omitted to fasten the pace just a little bit but last third part of the book was intriguing and gripping I even thought, I should have rounded up the stars but my dislike about the kidnapped boyfriend a.k.a liar liar his pants should be on fire bastard stopped my fingers in the air It s definitely not a bad reading but it is not my kind of story I only wanted to read it because I enjoyed the previous works of the author.Special thanks to Netgalley and Doubleday for sharing this distinguished ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review After really enjoying The Flight Attendant a few years ago, I was excited to get my hands on the author s newest Sadly, I struggled to stay focused or engage with this one It was definitely a slow burn and just didn t work for me I was bored with the characters and really just wanted to finish skimming did occur and move on to a entertaining and engaging novel I actually had started reading and stopped several times before finishing Probably would have been better to d n f this one, but its hard for me to give up on a book I need to work on that.I do seem to be an outlier, so please read the higher reviews before deciding if this would be a winner for you.Thanks to NG and the publisher for my review copy. I am hit or miss with this author, I loved The Sandcastle Girls and Midwives , some of his earlier work This one fell short for me.The premise of this novel is extremely relevant to our times I will quote just a bit from the blurb from for this novel Set amidst the adrenaline fueled world of the emergency room, The Red Lotus is a global thriller about those who dedicate their lives to saving people, and those who peddle death to the highest bidder This book does shine a light on some extremely frightening scenarios that felt all too real at times.Alexis is an ER doctor who has fallen in love with Austin, a man whom she met in the ER when he came in for a wound in his arm Alexis is the doctor who stitched him up, he claimed that the wound was from a drunk who was wildly brandishing a loaded weapon in a bar, when it went off it hit Austin in the arm Six months later Alexis and Austin are headed to Vietnam, he told her he wanted to visit the places where his father fought as well as his uncle, who ultimately perished in the war Austin is an extremely high level cyclist who has ridden many tours and so it wasn t seen as that unusual when he decides to take the last leg of the tour in a different direction However after several hours have gone by and he doesn t return, Alexis is certain that some harm has come to him.After much searching by Alexis and others they are about ready to give up on finding Austin either alive or dead The next day they find out why he disappeared but there are so many questions about the reasons why The police in Vietnam are ready to file this case away.Alexis isn t willing to accept this answer, she is sure that there is to this story She begins to understand that there is a lot about Austin that she doesn t know He worked in the same hospital as she does but in the research lab where many experiments are performed on rats It takes a lot of detective work on her part to finally unravel all of the secrets that Austin was hiding We meet some truly despicable characters, ruthless and evil but also a PI who joins Alexis in her hunt for the truth and is there for her when she needs him most Alexis fears for her own life because of what she begins to uncover.My problem with this novel is that it is extremely slow moving Three quarters of the book is taken up with repetitive ruminations about what Alexis is thinking and doing I was 70% into the book before it really engaged me I enjoy a novel with strong characters and a plot that keeps me interested and engaged throughout.I m sure that fans of Chris Bohjalian will enjoy this novel but for me it was a mediocre read, not bad but not memorable.I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through Edelweiss.

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