The Residents' Bad Day on the Midway eBook ´

The Residents' Bad Day on the Midway eBook ´ From the minute you wake up, the world is not quite right A power failure caused your alarm to go off an hour late, the last piece of bread burns in the toaster and there s no milk for your coffee Immediately after breaking a shoestring, you find a stain on your favorite shirt the one you re wearing on a hot lunch date When four total strangers say, You look tired on the way to work, you realize it s not going to get any better Sooner or later it happens to everyone, but most bad days don t include plague death, being stalked by a serial killer and having your business shut down by the IRS It may be true that no one escapes death and taxes, but they re not usually a one two punch While THE RESIDENTS BAD DAY ON THE MIDWAY may be a little extreme than most, its aim is the same as any other bad day SURVIVAL Based on the award winning CD Rom game, Bad Day on the Midway is a relentless roller coaster ride of imagination, dark humor and surprise delivered as only The Residents can a Disneyland of the damned

10 thoughts on “The Residents' Bad Day on the Midway

  1. Wesley Auer Wesley Auer says:

    In the wake of updating technology, The Residents must leave behind projects like their two CD ROM games Freak Show and Bad Day on the Midway However, lead singer of The Residents Randy Rose salvages his masterpiece of a game Bad Day by transferring its contents into a short one day read The result is a wacky and we

  2. Vanyo666 Vanyo666 says:

    Knowing and loving both the Residents ouevre and having extensively played the game on which this novelization is based, I have mixed feelings about this book Randy s prose is childish, his descriptions are vague or lazy, and the characterizations are paper thin His way of conveying action is mostly through dialogue, havi

  3. Kevin Kunreuther Kevin Kunreuther says:

    A fun thrilling addition to Residential canon, based on best selling early 90 s CD ROM game of same name Follow intertwining threads of several different characters at a rundown carnival Midway in the midst of a plague outbreak and a coming storm and electrical fire.

  4. Geoffrey Geoffrey says:

    This adaptation of The Residents CD ROM of the se name remains every bit as much fun as its source material Dark, funny and as weird as you could imagine a bad day on the midway could be

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