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!!> PDF ⚣ The Rise Of Peace  ✈ Author Hafiz Shahid Amin – Submitalink.info The Rise Of Peace A Fiction Novel On World Power Politics By Dr Hafiz Shahid Amin..Pakistan Dedicated To All Victims Of Terrorist Attacks Muslims, Non Muslims..The Scenario The Central Theme..A Fiction Novel On World Power Politics A Novel Of Action, Adventure,suspense, Political And War Fiction The Novel Has Been Written In The Context Of Present Day Fast Changing Political Scenario Of The World Most Important International Burning Issues Have Been Touched In This Novel In The Most Skillful And Careful Manner Shall This Peace Seeking World Ever Reach The Point Of The Lasting Peace There Is Destruction Of All Anti Peace World Forces In Attempt To Convert This World Into A Peaceful World.All Nations Live Peacefully In The Long Run People Respect Each Other S Religious, Territorial Limits And Social Taboo This Novel Is An Action And Adventure Based Fiction And An Attempt To Make This World As A Joint Peaceful Global Village Free Of Discriminations Of Caste And Racial And Islamic And Non Islamic Biases The Author Seems To Stress Upon The Fact That Discriminations Of This Sort Are Very Fatal For The Restoration Of World Peace.Unless This Discrimination Is Not Completely Finished It Is Almost Impossible To Convert This World Into One Peaceful Global Village It Is An English Version Of Urdu Novel Tuloo E Amn Published In Pakistan In 2003.Author Of Both Versions Dr Hafiz Shahid Amin.Pakistan A 9 Points World Peace Formula In The End Of Novel All Nations Agree On These Points 1 That All Countries Shall Respect Other Countries And Refrain From Interfering In The Internal Affairs Of Other Countries.2 That All Countries Shall Wind Up And Disband Their Secret Agencies.3 That All Countries Shall Dismiss And Terminate Their Respective Armed Forces So That Huge Expenses Made In The Name Of Defense Could Be Used For Welfare Of People.4 That All Countries Shall Lift Bans Of Visit Visas So That People Can Come And Go In Any Part Of The World Freely.5 That The Developed Countries Shall Take Along And Help Developing Countries And Underdeveloped Countries.6 That People Of All Countries Shall Enjoy Complete Freedom Of Religion And Every Body Shall Be Free To Offer Prayer To Allah Almighty As He Wished.7 That All Countries Shall Exercise Strict Control Over Growing Sexual Liberties And Shall Prohibit Advertisements About Sex, Sex Enhancing All Kinds Of Literature Like Novels, Sexy Films, And The Most Dangerous Weapon Of Mass Destruction The INTERNET SEX.8 Only One And Same Currency Shall Remain In Circulation And Use All Over The World.9 All Banks And Financial Institutions Will Commence Interest Free Banking Synopsis Of Novel Written In Urdu Then Translated In English.Dr Hafiz Muhammad Shahid Amin Sheikh MBBS, DLO ENT Specialist Author Of Both Versions Of Novel Tuloo E Amn Urdu Version Published In Pakistan In 2003 By Hashir Publishers The Rise Of Peace English Version Published In Pakistan In 2012 By Fact Publications.Author Site Author Email Drshahee Yahoo.comGujranwala, Pakistan The Briefs About Novel There Are Some Muslims Scientists In All Over The World Who Unit And Make One Organization Named MFP That Means Men For Peace They Work Hard And Invent Some Revolutionary Inventions In Order To Fight Anti Peace And Anti Islam Forces Of World To Prevent World From Anti Peace Forces MFP Works In Zulimistan The World Super Power And Convinces Zulimistan S People That Zulimistan Is Going To Divide The World Into Two Groups That Is Islamic And Anti Islamic.And Due To This Division, The World Peace Is Being Destroyed By Zulimistan Official S Anti Islamic Policies All Over The World The Economy Has Also Been Destroyed By These Policies.So ZTA Zulimistan Thinkers Association Is Being Made By MFP In Zulimistan ZTA Puts Case In Zulimistan Supreme Court Against All Zulimistan Presidents Both Present And Previous And Also ZSFBI And ZSCIA And Army Chiefs ZTA Demands The Zulimistan Govt Officials That Govt Should Finish Its All ZSCIA And ZSFBI And Army Activities In All Over The World Due To Burning Issue Of This Court Case, The Chief Justice Announces That A Supreme Judicial Council Will Hear The Case And Then Decide This Supreme Council Comprises All Chief Justices Of Zulimistan States ZTA Demands The Zulimistan Govt Officials That All ZSCIA And ZSFBI And ARMY Headquarters In Other Countries All Over The World Should Be At Once Closed Fully And All Zulimistan Army Should Be Taken Back To Country At Once, ZTA Also Demands The Zulimistan Govt Officials Not To Indulge And Interfere Any Country Internal Affairs As They Do Frequently And Often And Make Unmerciful Events In Those Countries And Destroy These Countries Integrities ZTA Demands To Give Punish To All These Officials Due To That Zulimistan People Are Being Given Hatred In All Over The World Due To Their Anti Islamic Polices All Over The World And This Hatred Is Being Increased Day By Day And Night And Nigh This Hatred Is Very Dangerous For Zulimistan People As They Are Being Attacked All Over The World Due To This Hatred And Also Their Business Suffers Too Much And Also Their Peaceful Lives Are Being Destroyed Fully By These Anti Islamic Policies Of Zulimistan Officials As Said Above The Presidents And ZSCIA And ZSFBI And ARMY Chiefs Dislikes This Case And When ZTA Is Near To Win This Court Case, Then These Govt Officials Destroy Court Building And Killed ZTA Members Including ZTA President Due To This Mass Killing Of ZTA Members By Intelligence Agencies, The Zulimistan S People Get Involved In ZTA Movement On The Other Hand Dr Jabran, The Chief Of MFP Succeeded To Invent The Amazing Invention The Black Helmet So Due To Which The Headed Person With This Device Does Not Appear To Others And Disappears Unless The Device Comes In Limit Zero The Device Works In 3 Limits In Limit One The Person Does Not Disappear Completely But His Shadow Remains Visible In Limit 2 The Headed Person Disappears Completely Now MFP Super Mujahids Fighters Kidnaps Zulimistan President And All Chief Of Intelligence Agencies With The Help Of Their Inventions MFP Then Attacks Zulimistan Main Army Headquarters And Nuclear Centers And Destroys Them Completely And With Great Success Including Defense And Attack Control Center DAACC ZTA Arranges Its Grand Rally Country Wide And Encircles FUGONTON City, The Capital Of Zulimistan And Put Pressure On GOVT Officials To Stop Violations In Other Countries Especially In Islamic Countries In Order To Prevent Attacks From MFP To Zulimistan And Its People The Govt Officials Do Not Take Action But Continue Their Violation As Previous One Due To MFP Attacks On Zulimistan With The Help Of Black Helmet Device, The Zulimistan Allies Of World Clearly Warn Zulimistan And Withdraw Their Support To Zulimistan In All His Negative Actions They Also Warn That Zulimistan S President Should First Clearly And In Straight Words Accept His Previous All Anti Islamic Negative Cruel Actions And Then Humbly Beg Forgiveness From Islamic Countries For Their Mal Deeds This Is To Stop Further Attacks On Zulimistan Zulimistan Remains All Alone In All Over The World And No One Help Him The ZTA Wins Case In The Court And All Presidents And Agencies Chiefs Are Being Given Full Punishment For Their Violation Into Islamic Countries Due To That Zulimistan People Were Being Attacked To Take Revenge The Supreme Court Of Zulimistan Restarts The Case Of ZTA That Was Suspended Due To Massive Killing Of Judges And ZTA Members The Court After Some Days Of Hearing Accepts The Points And Facts Raised By ZTA And Thus Considers All Zulimistan S Presidents And ZSFBI And ZSCI And Army Chiefs Responsible For Current Disaster If Peace In Not Only Zulimistan But Also In All Over The World Thus Chief Justice Gives Punishment To All Ex And Recent Presidents Of Zulimistan And All Chiefs Of ZSFBI And ZSCIA And Army Chiefs The ZTA President Is Being Made As New President Of Zulimistan Then A Meeting Of All Countries Of World Is Being Called And All Presidents Of World Come To Attend It In This Meeting MFP Chief Dr Jabran Offers One International Peace Plan, The Main Points Of Peace Plan Are As Follows

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    THE RISE OF PEACE A Fiction Novel on World Power Politics An English Version Of Urdu Novel Tuloo e Amn is available throughout the World Dedicated to all victims of terrorist attacks Muslims, Non Muslims Shall this peace seeking world ever reach the point of the lasting peace. THE RISE OF PEA

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    Interseting book Great information about Islam Great facts about terririzim.

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    The Rise of Peace A Fiction Novel on World Power Politics by Dr Hafiz Shahid Amin..Pakistan Dedicated to all victims of terrorist attacks Muslims, Non Muslims please see my novel on these site download some chapters of novel reading of sample chapters..http askdavid.com preview 8018please downl

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