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[PDF] The Story Grid  By Shawn Coyne – Submitalink.info WHAT IS THE STORY GRID The Story Grid Is A Tool Developed By Editor Shawn Coyne To Analyze Stories And Provide Helpful Editorial Comments It S Like A CT Scan That Takes A Photo Of The Global Story And Tells The Editor Or Writer What Is Working, What Is Not, And What Must Be Done To Make What Works Better And Fix What S Not The Story Grid Breaks Down The Component Parts Of Stories To Identify The Problems And Finding The Problems In A Story Is Almost As Difficult As The Writing Of The Story Itself Maybe Even Difficult The Story Grid Is A Tool With Many Applications 1 It Will Tell A Writer If A Story Works Or Doesn T Work 2 It Pinpoints Story Problems But Does Not Emotionally Abuse The Writer, Revealing Exactly Where A Story Not The Person Creating The Storythe Story Has Failed 3 It Will Tell The Writer The Specific Work Necessary To Fix That Story S Problems 4 It Is A Tool To Re Envision And Resuscitate A Seemingly Irredeemable Pile Of Paper Stuck In An Attic Drawer 5 It Is A Tool That Can Inspire An Original Creation Shawn Coyne Is A Twenty Five Year Book Publishing Veteran He S Acquired, Edited, Published Or Represented Works From James Bamford, John Brenkus, James Lee Burke, Barbara Bush, Dick Butkus, Harlan Coben, Nellie Connally, Michael Connelly, Robert Crais, Ben Crenshaw, Catherine Crier, Brett Favre, David Feherty, John Feinstein, Tyler Florence, Jim Gant, Col David H Hackworth, Jamie Harrison, Mo Hayder, William Hjortsberg, Stephen Graham Jones, Jon Krakauer, David Leadbetter, Alan Lomax, David Mamet, Troon McAllister, Robert McKee, Matthew Modine, Bill Murray, Joe Namath, John J Nance, Jack Olsen, Scott Patterson, Steven Pressfield, Matthew Quirk, Anita Raghavan, Ian Rankin, Ruth Rendell, Jerry Rice, Giora Romm, Tim Rosaforte, William Safire, Dava Sobel, Michael Thomas, Nick Tosches, Ann Scott Tyson, Minette Walters, Betty White, Randy Wayne White, Steven White, And Don Winslow Among Many Others During His Years As An Editor At The Big Five Publishing Houses, As An Independent Publisher, As A Literary Agent Both At A Major Hollywood Talent Agency And As Head Of Genre Management Inc., And As A Bestselling Co Writer And Ghostwriter, Coyne Created A Methodology Called The Story Grid To Teach The Editing Craft.

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  1. J.F. Penn J.F. Penn says:

    Highly recommended for writers of fiction and screenplays Always good to read another take on story structure I ll be using the foolscap sheet on my next novel It s also good to read an honest appraisal of literature vs storytelling.

  2. Beverly Beverly says:

    This book is BRILLIANTIf you are an editor, you MUST read this book If you are a writer, you MUST read this book If you WANT to be a writer, you MUST read this book If you are a beta reader, you MUST read this book If you are a BookWorm, you MUST read The Story Grid Yes, that sums it up The book is beyond insightful and packed with so much knowledge, you won t mind how many pages you are about to read. It s not a light read, but it is an

  3. Sharon Coleman Sharon Coleman says:

    Have you ever had a conversation with someone that kept interrupting themselves to give youandback story You know the type, when a person says, OMG I ve got to tell you the most amazing thing, but first I want to tell you what made me think of telling you, and no wait, let me tell you what led me to thinking of telling you that thing Oh don t worry I ll get to the amazing thing eventually Yeah.That was this book.The author tells you he will te

  4. Lynne Favreau Lynne Favreau says:

    Shawn posted the content of this book free on his website www.storygrid.com I read along as he posted immediately enad of the process he was working us through I d struggled with revising and editing my WIP and found The Story Grid s intense focus on structure liberating I finally ...

  5. Ksenia Anske Ksenia Anske says:

    This book quite possibly has changed my life It will quite possibly change yours If you re a writer, I suggest you buy it If you yourself already know what s in it, give it as a gift to a novice writer They will love you for it I know I love my fellow writer who suggested it It has taught me how to be my own editor It has given me the structure I craved, when I was tearing out my hair, trying to fix my novel I nearly gave up on it This book helped me

  6. Stefan Emunds Stefan Emunds says:

    Imagine your an author and you could send your manuscript to an editor, who checks it out and tells you what works and what not It s every author s dream to look at his works through the glasses of an editor Shawn hasthan twenty five years experiences and created a methodolo...

  7. Nicola Nicola says:

    Sometimes, when I m in a masochistic mood, I listen to the Story Grid podcast In it, Shawn Coyne coaches Some Guy through the process of writing his first novel.It s jargon y and self congratulatory and so, so, so annoying.But it s also probably the closest thing to a graduate level, nitty gritty look at the novel writing process that I ve found available for free.In amongst the jargon and the chippy, anti literary fiction stance, there are parts that are gen

  8. A.M. A.M. says:

    Have you ever read a book and for some reason, that you cannot articulate, it doesn t work for you There s something wrong.Now imagine you are writing or editing a book and you have the same reaction Do you throw it away Do you give up and start writing a new story What if you make the same mistakes again What if you just keep writing unfinishe...

  9. Mike Mike says:

    It s taken me a while to read this, mostly because I d get side tracked trying to use its principles before I was actually ready However, today I finished it, and though I still find some of its almost technical jargon a bit off putting, and while I can t say that Silence of the Lambs is a book I d have chosen as my model for everything Coyne writes about, this is still a valuable book He does give examples from other books and movies, by the way, and I found some of

  10. Daniel Adorno Daniel Adorno says:

    This book has changed my entire outlook and approach to writing, editing, and storytelling Shawn Coyne s Story Grid framework is THE best approach I ve seen to story craft and editing His approach might seem very analytical to us creative types, but it provides a needed foundation to crafting a compelling story Coyne possesses a wealth of knowledge on the publishing industry and he shares it in spades You ll be learn the inner workings of the industry as well as what set

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