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[Epub] ➞ The Studio  By John Gregory Dunne – Submitalink.info In 1967, John Gregory Dunne Asked For Unlimited Access To The Inner Workings Of Twentieth Century Fox Miraculously, He Got It For One Year Dunne Went Everywhere There Was To Go And Talked To Everyone Worth Talking To Within The Studio He Tracked Every Step Of The Creation Of Pictures Like Dr Dolittle, Planet Of The Apes, And The Boston Strangler The Result Is A Work Of Reportage That, Thirty Years Later, May Still Be Our Most Minutely Observed And Therefore Most Uproariously Funny Portrait Of The Motion Picture Business.Whether He Is Recounting A Showdown Between Fox S Studio Head And Two Suave Shark Like Agents, Watching A Producer S Girlfriend Steal A Silver Plate From A Restaurant, Or Shielding His Eyes Against The Glare Of A Hollywood Premiere Where The Guests Include A Chimp In A White Tie And Tails, Dunne Captures His Subject In All Its Showmanship, Savvy, Vulgarity, And Hype Not Since F Scott Fitzgerald And Nathanael West Has Anyone Done Hollywood Better Reads As Racily As A Novel Dunne Has A Novelist S Ear For Speech And Eye For Revealing DetailAnyone Who Has Tiptoed Along Those Corridors Of Power Is Bound To Say That Dunne S Impressionism Rings True Los Angeles Times

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  1. Moira Russell Moira Russell says:

    There is an episode here the book is mainly episodes, not chapters, altho the stories about the Boston Strangler and Dr Doolittle pictures are throughlines detailing Henry Zoster pitching a story to Richard Zanuck Will our conductor use the youth symphony, or will he use his own orchestra which is one of the funniest things I

  2. L. L. says:

    W zesz ym tygodniu zupe nie nie by o mnie w Warszawie, bo by am w Twentieth Century Fox w latach sze dziesi tych Zdolno obserwacji Dunne a jest nie z tego wiata, a liczba celnych uwag wydaje si nie ko czy Kino nie jest moj pasj ...

  3. Mike McAdam Mike McAdam says:

    This book is rather dated now I work at a movie studio so I found it fascinating how things were run 50 years ago Boy have times changed Things are in some ways exactly the same but inways totally different It is an interesting chronicle on life on the Fox lot The only drawback, in my opinion, is that the author would touch on something interes

  4. Max Abram Max Abram says:

    We had a picture here once, The Gunfighter, with Greg Peck, and it bombed out You know why Peck wore a mustache.

  5. Mark Taylor Mark Taylor says:

    John Gregory Dunne s 1969 book The Studio is a fascinating achievement in writing about the movies Dunne asked for, and was granted, full access to the Twentieth Century Fox studio for a year Dunne shows the reader many vignettes, but the main plotline that we follow in The Studio is the publicity campaign for Doctor Dolittle, the 1967 musical starring Rex Harri

  6. J. J. says:

    Time capsule document from the mid sixties, years where the studios found themselves in long slow eclipse Donne amiably taps the bones and kicks at the ashes of the mastodons, as the concept of big movie studio morphs in the background Seems like Donne was lucky in the sense that 2oth Century Fox chose to green light some super losers in...

  7. Smiley McGrouchpants Smiley McGrouchpants says:

    John Gregory Dunne s memorized eyewitness account of a year behind the scenes of Twentieth Century Fox reads like the most interesting boring office job you ve ever heard of, involving lobster costume problems negotiations with actors agents over contracts, during which time no one s really willing to put all their cards on the table all hands on decks patience required while the

  8. James Perkins James Perkins says:

    In the late 1960s, author Dunne was given unlimited access to Twentieth Century Fox For a whole year, he roamed the studio, talking with everybody from boss Darryl Zanuck and the key executives, producers, and directors, all the way down through the stars to the lowliest bit player and members of the crew, continuously observing the goings on around him in the minutest detail The result i

  9. Alex Alex says:

    Really a 3.5, because he is an amusing writer, but in general the book fails because when you re constructing something by presenting snippets of events, written down as they happened with no overt editorial commentary and very minimal surreptitious commentary you know, pointed word choices and all that to really make something special you need to construct them so that the reader is guided somewh

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I feel like it probably would ve beeninteresting when it was originally published, when people had at least seen movies like Dr Doolittle and The Boston Strangler or whatever else was going on at the time Reading it now it feels a little time capsuley, but not in a good way I can t really relate to any of the characters and it s not like I don t think the stories couldn t be told better because Mark Harris

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