The University Of Non-Debate ePUB ¾ University Of

The University Of Non-Debate  ePUB ¾ University Of It's not easy coming up with something original, but Michael has done it again Have you ever wondered who the real power brokers are in the world? Who pulls the strings and how? Did you ever wonder if Atlantis ever existed? Or why it sunk under the sea? Do the bad guys ever win?Michael weaves an excellent story with excellent characters and takes us on a journey where the heroes are villains and the villains are heroes I very much enjoyed the opportunity to read this book prerelease Many thanks, Michael, for a really GoodRead. Nick Falcone is aIQ genius He is also a sociopath with a conscience He, Andy McShane, and Liz Hamilton, two independent feminist women, are forced to attend The College on an uncharted island in the South Atlantic Ocean The goal of The College is to create unassailable world leaders in politics, media, culture, and finance Graduates join the elite of the world and dominate its governance without opposition, no matter how much havoc is wreaked by them on the planet At first, Nick, Liz, Andy, and other students go along with the program, desiring the riches and power offered them When the three realize the evil they are trained to foist on the globe, they use an ancient device discovered on the ocean floor in an attempt to end the lie for which they are being prepared They plan to defeat Professor X, his loyal faculty, and his armed minions who run The College by use of techniques handed down by behaviorists and neuropsychologists Will Nick, Liz, and Andy succeed in destroying the unseen rulers who have dominated the world for millennia, or will they join the ingenious psychopathic puppets who control the lives of an unwitting global population? Find out when you read this Huxleyan dystopian thriller, The University of NonDebate

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