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[Epub] ➟ The Wall ➤ Richard Denham – Submitalink.info ROMAN BRITAIN STOOD ON THE BRINK OF CHAOS The Story Opens In AD Four Soldiers Justinus, Paternus, Leocadius And Vitalis Are Out Hunting For Food Supplies At An Outpost Of Hadrian S Wall, When The Wall Comes Under Attack The Four Find Their Fort Destroyed, Their Comrades Killed, And Paternus Is Unable To Find His Wife And Son As They Run South To Eboracum, They Realize That This Is No Ordinary Border Raid Ranged Against The Romans At The Edge Of The World Are Four Different Peoples, And They Have Banded Together Under A Mysterious Leader Who Wears A Silver Mask And Uses The Name Valentinus Man Of Valentia, The Turbulent Area North Of The Wall Faced With Questions They Are Hard Pressed To Answer, Leocadius Blurts Out A Story That Makes The Men Heroes Of The Wall Their Lives Change Not Only When Valentinus Begins His Lethal Sweep Across Britannia But As Soon As Leo S Lie Is Out In The World, Growing And Changing As It Goes WILL THE WALL BE REBUILT AND THE POWER OF ROME RE ESTABLISHED AND WILL OUR FOUR HEROES REACH THE END OF THEIR JOURNEY AD Is One Of The Critical Dates In British History, But The Year Means Little To Most People Now, And It Is Only Rarely Mentioned In Historical Books Britannia Part I The Wall Introduces The Reader To This Tumultuous Age, As We Share The Adventure, Confusion And Bewilderment Of Our Heroes Four Common Soldiers Stationed At Hadrian S Wall We Find Them Caught Up In The Madness Of A Chain Of Events Which Will Eventually Lead To The Fall Of Roman Britain, And The Descent Into The Dark Ages

10 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. Jane Jane says:

    In 367 AD, four Roman soldiers in Roman Britain Leocadius and Vitalis, two pedites foot soldiers , Semisallis Paternus and Circitor Justinus, have been out hunting and are shocked to discover one Agricolan fort Banna overrun and the soldiers inside

  2. Rosie Amber Rosie Amber says:

    Britannia Part 1 The Wall is a work of fiction set in a historical backdrop of occupied Britain in the Roman era Hadrian s wall has been built and it is up to the VI Vitrix to defend the wall against the Barbarians from the North.The book opens and int

  3. Tony Duxbury Tony Duxbury says:

    This was an enjoyable read The story of four young soldiers on Hadrian s Wall, following their fortunes and adventures After the wild men of the north unite and destroy the Romans along the Wall and terrorize the south, these men, the only survivors, are

  4. Elizabeth Harless Elizabeth Harless says:

    Outstanding Denham has done his research and produced a novel worthy of the Roman soldiers who are its main characters This is no common work of fiction, relying on a sensational narrative of bloody battles and lustful orgies Instead it is filled with well d

  5. CathyW CathyW says:

    This is the first of a trilogy of novels set in late Roman Britain, spanning the 4th century Barbarian conspiracy to the withdrawal of the legions from Britain in the early part of the 5th century The novel s centre around four relatively lowly roman soldiers w

  6. Kevin Robinson Kevin Robinson says:

    Good reading.The last time I rated anywhere called the wall was last century and by Pink Floyd.

  7. Philip Quigley Philip Quigley says:

    Historic battlesGood narative using the 4 central figures to follow the course of the british barbarian uprising Good twist revealing the baddie

  8. Susanna Shipman Susanna Shipman says:

    ExcellentWonderful look into the years before Arthur Very detailed with interesting plot turns Fell in love with The Wall boys.

  9. Chris Thorndycroft Chris Thorndycroft says:

    Four Roman soldiers find themselves reluctant heroes after surviving a Pictish attack on Hadrian s Wall The tumultuous events of the Barbarian Conspiracy of 367 8 in which Britain faced a coordinated attack from Picts, Saxons, Scotti and Attacotti is very well told in this

  10. Roger Roger says:

    Obviously well researched and ambitious However too many characters for me leaves this lacking a narrative central point There is a massive assumption that a reader knows where all the places are mentioned in the book I live near the Roman Wall and I knew some. makes it hard

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