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!!> PDF / Epub ☁ The Wars of the Roses  ✍ Author John Ashdown-Hill – Submitalink.info The Wars Of The Roses Call To Mind Bloody Battles, Treachery And Deceit, And A Cast Of Characters Known To Us Through Fact And Fiction Edward IV, Elizabeth Woodville, Richard III, Warwick The Kingmaker, The Princes In The Tower, Henry Tudor But The Whole Era Also Creates A Level Of Bewilderment Among Even Keen Readers John Ashdown Hill Gets Right To The Heart Of A Thorny Subject, Dispelling The Myths And Bringing Clarity To A Topic Often Shrouded In Confusion.Between 1455 And 1487, A Series Of Dynastic Wars For The Throne Of England Were Fought These Have Become Known As The Wars Of The Roses But There Never Was A Red Rose Of Lancaster This Book Sets The Record Straight On This And Many Other Points, Getting Behind The Traditional Mythology And Reaching Right Back Into The Origins Of The Conflict To Cut An Admirably Clear Path Through The Thicket.

10 thoughts on “The Wars of the Roses

  1. Rich Stone Rich Stone says:

    This was a difficult book to rate I could have gone three stars or four.On the positive side the discussion of the family trees was among the most lucid I ve read and the author points out some interesting relationships that most other authors do not emphasize Further, the narrative throug

  2. Mrs. C. Mrs. C. says:

    A whole new way of looking at the conflict

  3. Kieran O& Kieran O& says:

    A fantastic read

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