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➶ Titus (Luna Lodge, #2)  Free ➬ Author Madison Stevens – Submitalink.info Kate Walker Has Had Her Fill Of Men Her Ex Only Used Her To Get To Her Best Friend, And Now Her New Boss Seems To Go Out Of His Way To Tick Her Off It Doesn T Help That He S Drop Dead Gorgeous And Built Like A God She Just Can T Deal With His Hot And Cold Attitude As The Leader Of The Genetically Engineered Hybrids Of Luna Lodge, Titus Knows Getting Too Close To Mouthy Kate Isn T Really A Good Idea Too Bad He Can T Seem To Get Away From Her Or Get Her Out Of His Head Everything About Her Keeps Drawing Them Together, And His Ability To Resist Her Is Weakening Daily Their Shared Attraction Is Put To The Test When The Dangerous Horatius Group Makes Its Latest Move Against Their Former Property, Titus And His Fellow Hybrids When Kate Is Caught In The Struggle, Titus Will Have To Face A Living Nightmare Or Risk Losing Her Forever.

10 thoughts on “Titus (Luna Lodge, #2)

  1. Twilla Twilla says:

    Better than the first but still missing something. Will hold on for future books.

  2. Claudia Claudia says:

    Titus, 2nd book in Luna Lodge series by Madison Stevens almost did it for me Almost.Titus and Kate s attraction story started in the first book and obviously continued So Titus is the alpha of all alphas in his Tribe and he is attracted to Kate Better said his body is shooting out some phe

  3. Marcia Marcia says:

    I was looking forward to this book for months and it was pretty entertaining I ll continue reading the series, but I hope as the series continues, the story line gets expanded and clarified What I liked The relationship between Titus and Kate was pretty hot, and so that made the overall read pretty

  4. Grace Grace says:

    This was an improvement over the first book in the series, but it was missing something.

  5. Kim Kim says:

    Another good book in this seriesEven though this is very similar to Laurann Dohner s New Species series it is still a very good series in itself I really enjoyed this 2nd book in this series and have already purchased the next book Madison Steven may have started this off as a copy cat book, ...

  6. Lisa Nobbs Lisa Nobbs says:

    A good read Editing needs work.

  7. Lisa Venn sims Lisa Venn sims says:

    Another great read looking forward to ur fire releases x

  8. L M L M says:

    Still too reminiscent of better series out there With world building and better descriptive content this could be a good series.I hate when a smart sensible and independent woman behaves in a TSTL way This really seems even worse as it seemed to be completely out of character for Kate.Still not sure I even know Titus any better than before I start

  9. Blue Rose Blue Rose says:

    Uping the anteAs we go deeper into this new world with its new species, certain setups are put in play, and the name of the villain is revealed He s just before the good side of cheesy right now, with his serious demeanor and prideful monologues.

  10. Natalie Natalie says:

    Titus 2I m ready for Kate and Titus to have their happily ever after without Woods and the pale man hanging over their heads Titus was right when he guessed the pale man wanted Kate.

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