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[Read] ➪ Unchosen By Alisa Mullen – Submitalink.info Author Of Best Selling Novel Unsettled In Three Romantic Category This Is Book In The Chosen Series ADVISORY WARNING Just A Heads Up On The Chosen Series This Series Includes Drunken Debauchery, Sexual Scenes Not , But Still Its Sex And Swear Words Lizzie O Malley Is Back With A Purpose In Life Still Flighty And Unpredictable, She Knows That Loving And Losing Teagan Gallagher Has Changed Her Life Forever As She Navigates Her New Life In Boston As A Full Time Working Mother, She Promises Herself She Will Never Fall In Love Again But Can She Keep That Promise After Meeting Nick Sawyer, The Gorgeous Texan Who Has Fallen For Her Follow Lizzie To Ireland Where She Struggles With Tragedy And Rediscovers Herself All Over Again Alisa Mullen Has A True Talent For Writing I Was All Over The Place With My Emotions I Loved This Book So Much That I M Thankful That I Can Dive Right In To The Next Book There Will Be Books Total In This Series And I Can T Wait To See What Happens Next United Indie Book Blog

10 thoughts on “Unchosen

  1. Marina Alaniz Marina Alaniz says:

    I received a complementary copy in return for an honest review I have to start off by saying, Unsettled the 1st book in this series made me cry like no other, that was until I read this book Thanks Alisa for that I love Lizzie and her spunk she is stronger in this book You can t help but feel for her She s trying to move on, but the wrong way by not wan

  2. Rachael Rachael says:

    Wow I am in love with this series Alisa Mullen books should be a MUST READ for everyone The character development was amazing, I was super glad to see Lizzie mature and start to move on, and this book will keep you on your toes for sure One moment you will be in love, then pissed off, laughing, and crying Definitely a 5 book Keep on writing them books Alisa you

  3. Carrie White Carrie White says:

    This picks up from the end of UnsettledAfter her world is turned upside down from losing her heart, Lizzie s slowly starting to build her life back up After making a life altering decision to keep the one thing from reminding her of that one perfect summer,Niall Follow Lizzie thru her eyes of this continuing journey of rediscovering who she is, as a new mother, a siste

  4. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    I m a beta reader This was such an excellent read I read it in a day The character development of Lizzie has really been explored she s still spunky and unpredictable, but you really feel her inner growth and are rooting for her the whole book Nick is a great character, I have fun imagining his Southern drawl and tight ass Can t wait to see how all the drama unfolds with the n

  5. Krysta Anderson Krysta Anderson says:

    Author Alisa Mullen does not disappoint in her second installment in The Chosen Series, Unchosen I loved getting to know Nick as he and Lizzie struggle to define their relationship The plot twists kept me on pins and needles I couldn t put the book down and the ending made me wanting for

  6. Jessica Gomez Jessica Gomez says:

    This is one of those times in a review, where I am not sure if I want to blubber and cry my eyes out over my computer, Oooooooooor Throw the damn thing across the room and stomp around while I pout My mind is all over the place with this one.Okay, so Lizzie s life continues after Teagan, Post T And bytheway, if Teagan and Nick had some kind of hot character book off, Nick would wipe the floor

  7. Alpha Possessive Heroes Alpha Possessive Heroes says:

    Omigah after so many books I ve read for the past few weeks, I finally found a 5 stars I picked this book without knowing anything I just recently found out it s effing book two in the series With all the crap I ve been reading lately, I was like to hell with it, I ma go ahead and just read book 2 and maybe it will help me feel sleepy. but let me tell you, there was no sleeping happened I laughed in

  8. Eye Candy Bookstore Eye Candy Bookstore says:

    I was excited for the book from the moment I finished the first book in the series Unsettled My excitement was short lived in some respects The excerpt given to the reader for Unchosen in the first book is a far different beginning than what is given to the reader in this book The teaser actually made it hard for me to understand the characters timeline in this novel Looking beyond the very confusing mislead

  9. Vixster Vixster says:

    Another good read but it just didn t hit the high the first book gave me I loved Unsettled and couldn t wait to see where the story of Lizzie and Teagan was going to lead Sadly there was no sign of Teagan and it left a gaping hole for me After piecing her life together as best she could, Lizzie meets Nick and become friends, they both wantbut don t cross the line till Lizzie does something stupid and realises she wa

  10. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    I am a beta reader and could not wait to get my hands on this book It is such a great follow up to Unsettled I loved seeing how Lizzie has grown and the new path her life is on, only to be turned upside down when she meets beautiful, dreamy Nick I fell in love with Nick instantly and you will too, especially after he helps Lizzie through the darkest time in her life I am so excited and anxious for the next book to come out

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