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Under a War-Torn Sky PDF Ö Under a  Kindle - A searingly emotional and action packed account of a WWII pilot s struggle to make it home through enemy territory Henry Forester is ayear old farm boy far from home Having joined the American Air Force as a bomber pilot, his plane is shot down on a mission to Germany, leaving him alone, injured and terrified in a dangerous land Relying on the kindness of strangers and the cunning of the French Resistance, he struggles from town to town, wary of imminent danger at every step Desperately hoping to end his journey alive and free, he comes to feel a deep respect and affection for the freedom fighters who risk their lives for him

10 thoughts on “Under a War-Torn Sky

  1. Valerie Valerie says:

    Yes A book that is really worth it This is why I love historical fiction so much You get to see the real heroes even if it is fictional People who are made up, but may very well be like many of those who were there The book is following a young American farm boy by the name of Henry Forrester who is the youngest pilot around It may be in an American s point of view but it is clear that it was t

  2. David David says:

    I read this book to help with my son s high school English assignment It s targeted to a teen or young adult audience, and tells a good story about an American bomber pilot who is shot down over Alsace during World War II The book details his struggle to return to freedom, aided by a series of sincere local sympathizers and members of the French resistance movement While somewhat romanticized, it g

  3. Leslie Leslie says:

    The story of a young Virginian pilot shot down during WW2 and his experiences while he tried to make it back to Allied territory.

  4. Samantha Samantha says:

    Through the eyes of Henry Forrester, average American teenager, readers of Under a War Torn Sky are taken up into the skies over Europe and deep into the trenches of the French Resistance during World War II This is a novel that does not need to be praised with the condition that it is a great read for YA Readers of any age can learn about the heart wrenching experiences of this young bomber pilot and be c

  5. Renee Renee says:

    Tense YA action adventure story about downed World War II American pilot and the civilians of the French Resistance who risk all to save him The young main character works through some old hurts from his father as he spends his days hiding, fearing, fighting The folks who help him are kind and brave and so real Hopeful, sad satisfying Great read The best part the story is based on the experiences of the author

  6. Patrick Dillard Patrick Dillard says:

    When Henry s plane is shot down behind enemy lines during WWII, he must depend on the help of strangers to try and make his way to safety I have always enjoyed learning about WWII, so this book was a good way of getting into the mind of a soldier At the start of the story, Henry is idealistic and good hearted By the end, Henry remains good hearted, but he has seen the worst in people I feel like this is a good rep

  7. ❤Marie Gentilcore ❤Marie Gentilcore says:

    3.5 stars I m glad to have read this shortly after I read The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah as this book is about an American B 24 pilot who ends up in Nazi occupied France and receives assistance from the French Resistance It had the feel of a companion book to The Nightingale since one of the sisters in that book helped pilots get to safety as part of her role in the French Resistance so it was like seeing the other

  8. Derek Louden Derek Louden says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here The book under a war torn sky is about a WWII pilot named Henry Henry is shot down over a unnamed town He is found by an old schoolteacher who brings him to a hospital He is then supposed to be brought to a Swiss POW camp, but he escapes the train with the help of a member of the French resistance He then meets a woman called Madame Gaulloise

  9. Mazzou B Mazzou B says:

    Another good fictional world war 2 story This one is excellent and suitable for a variety of ages Although exciting, there is nothing to violent or gruesome for younger readers even age 8 HOWEVER, unfortunately there are inappropriate allusions in this book which make it absolutely unfit for younger readers As an adult, I found certain things in this book oddly unnecessary and not in keeping with the otherwise family friendly

  10. Josephine Josephine says:

    I definitely enjoyed this I wasn t crazy about Henry s character at all at first, but it was interesting to watch him grow, learn, and mature, and by the end I really liked him I was invested the entire time, and while the writing wasn t my favorite, it wasn t bad and easy to follow I m glad I picked this up

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