Unexpected Encounters 1 Epub ç Unexpected Encounters

Unexpected Encounters 1 Epub ç Unexpected Encounters Susan is a strict career woman who is all work and no play For years she focused on her career and as a result, her love life has been less than spectacular That was all until her best friend Zoe suggest trying internet dating since It worked for her, and it s not as scary or dodgy as it sounds Igniting Susan s interest, she makes an dating profile unknowing to the unexpected encounters that awaitFind out what happens in part one of Unexpected Encounters

10 thoughts on “Unexpected Encounters 1

  1. Rogean Rogean says:

    Just maybe not into the BDSM thing I didn t it because I m starting to see images in my mind.

  2. Tekear Thomas-Ponce Tekear Thomas-Ponce says:

    GreatIt was a little crazy but a good read Zoe is a firecracker and Susan is explosive they are perfect pair of friends

  3. Kathy Mckee Kathy Mckee says:

    Can t wait to read the next one really good.

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