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[Download] ➸ Vaderliefde ➽ Deborah Raney – Submitalink.info Zijn Verloofde Was De Vrouw Waar Hij Van Hield Haar Kinderen Zijn Alles Wat Hij Nog Heeft De Gereserveerde Aannemer Wade Sullivan Had Nooit Verwacht Dat Hij Verliefd Zou Worden Op De Gescheiden Starr Parnell Hij Had Ook Niet Gedacht Dat Hij Zo Veel Van Haar Drie Kinderen Zou Gaan Houden Terwijl Hun Trouwdag Nadert, Komt Starr Plotseling Te Overlijden En Moet Wade Zijn Eigen Verdriet Opzijzetten Om De Kinderen Te Helpen Vlak Na De Begrafenis Komt De Biologische Vader Van De Kinderen Opdagen En Hij Eist De Voogdij En Het Verzekeringsgeld Van De Kinderen Op Wade Beseft Dat Zijn Positie Om Aanspraak Te Kunnen Maken Op De Kinderen Zwak Is Hij Twijfelt Daarnaast Aan Zijn Kwaliteiten Als Vader Toch Kan Hij De Kinderen Niet Loslaten En Maakt Hij Zich Klaar Voor Het Gevecht Van Zijn Leven Lukt Het Wade Om De Rechter Te Overtuigen Dat Zijn Liefde Voor De Kinderen Groter Is Dan Die Van Hun Vader

10 thoughts on “Vaderliefde

  1. Dora Koutsoukou Dora Koutsoukou says:

    This story looked very interesting and different from any of my previous reads Unfortunately I wasn t able to finish it, quit reading at 26%, due to its slow pace and many time consuming scenes.

  2. Dorena Dorena says:

    This book was great I also found a new author I like the way Deborah Raney writes I felt Wade s pain and happiness Again, don t take everything for granted

  3. Jill Derrick Jill Derrick says:

    Amazing story a must readLoved this book and the characters and story line So very real in how the foster system favors the biological parents even if they are not fit to parent A story of faith in God and how HE can work a miracle in ones life through prayer.

  4. Zan Marie Steadham Zan Marie Steadham says:

    Life is a long, winding journey toward home and Wade Sullivan s is one of the most rewarding Raney has crafted a story of heart, love, and concern Good read

  5. Gloria Short Gloria Short says:

    This was a moving and thought provoking novel I liked that it was Christian Even when the legal system seemed to do everything wrong, the emphasis was on depending on God and working with the law, not against it Sometimes I wanted to tell the hero to just pick them all up and run, but I knew that would only make the problem worse It was also a love story that tells the value of waiting for something worthwhile.

  6. Anne Anne says:

    I loved the plot It was unusual with great twists and turns I m not a big fan, though, of so much dialogue I preferintrospection anddescriptions and narrative and less dialogue to keep the story moving I also didn t really feel the secondary romance That storyline wasn t fully fleshed out in my opinion, but then again, it was not central to the main plot.

  7. Jean Volk Jean Volk says:

    This book was an excellent book, I did not want to put it down I ve heard of Deborah Raney from Facebook but had not read any of her books until I bought this one at a thrift store If you purchase or check one out at your local library, you will not be disappointed in her writing

  8. Vina Lull Vina Lull says:

    Loved this bookThis was a wonderful story of love and faith, and a reminder that God is always in control You will fall in love with the main character We needWade s in the world.

  9. Angie Thompson Angie Thompson says:

    This was so much better than a three star book in so many ways I loved Wade and the kids, and I was rooting for them and hurting with them through the whole story I had tears running down my cheeks inthan one scene and that s from someone who rarely cries at books and evenrarely actually likes a book that makes her cry The pain and struggle felt so real, but there was always a glimmer of hope and faith shining through, and I could

  10. Sandra Sandra says:

    Absolutely loved it You did it again, Deborah I read Above All Things last year and named it as my book of the year in the clean category and now just on the verge of us going into the last month of 2019, I finished reading A Nest of Sparrows and I think it has, so far, been my favourite book of 2019 There was just the right amount of suspense in the book to keep me guessing I loved Beau, Lacy and Dani and thought their personalities w

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