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[Reading] ➿ Vampire  ➶ Ari Marmell – Submitalink.info PDF Epub Vampire Ari Marmell Thomashillier.co.uk Welcome To The Danse Macabre Since Time Immemorial, The Kindred Vampires Have Stalked Their Prey, Unseen By The Mortal Masses Their World Is A Xenophobic Nightmare, Populated By Tyrannical Despots, Wildeyed Heretics, Bloodthirsty Rogues And Scheming Manipulators, All Unified By The Mysterious Curse Of Vampirism And You Would Join Them You Would Live Forever To Play The Lusts Of Mortals Like A Violinist Plays The Strings Then Beware, The Price Is Steep To Enter The Neofeudal Hell That The Damned Have Wrought.Welcome To Undeath Join The Revival Of The Storytelling Tradition Vampire The Requiem Invites You To Tell Your Own Stories Set Within The World Of The Kindred This Book Includes Rules For Using Vampires In World Of Darkness Chronicles, Covering Everything From The Five Clans To Covenants To Disciplines, Bloodlines, Storytelling Advice And A Complete Spread Of Game Systems Governing The Undead Hardcover Requires The World Of Darkness Rulebook For Play.

10 thoughts on “Vampire

  1. Courtney Wells Courtney Wells says:

    As an avid, rabid fan of Vampire the Masquerade when I was in high school, I hadthan a few misgivings about the New World of Darkness and how much of a money grubbing gimmick re releasing tweaked version of everything was going to

  2. Alexis Hall Alexis Hall says:

    Okay this is mine scuff toes.It was a present from H who is entertained by my adolescent fondness for Vampire The Masquerade.What can I say about this It s a White Wolf game so its systems are built around the assumption that your players a

  3. Krzysztof Krzysztof says:

    Finally got through this book It took me forever to finish it, as I found the style to be rather difficult and I found pieces of the book which were supposed to be interesting to be VERY boring And I still don t really know what to think of it Surely

  4. Darkerling the Necromancer Darkerling the Necromancer says:

    This is a pretty good roleplaying book system

  5. [Name Redacted] [Name Redacted] says:

    White Wolf s attempt to reboot their popular Vampire line of roleplaying games proved something of a blunder While full of potentially interesting ideas and reimaginings of older concepts, as well as several new takes on the vampire genre, they chose to strip away much

  6. Caleb "PlagueWind" Caleb "PlagueWind" says:

    Vampire has always been the flagship game for the World of Darkness This is the new version, which replaced Vampire the Masquerade in 2004 There are endless debates on which is better I seem to be one of the few who like both, but I will not be reviewing Masquerade here Requiem i

  7. Deadwish Deadwish says:

    Excelente manual de juego basado en el Nuevo Mundo de Tinieblas Esto no es una continuaci n o expansi n de Vampiro La Mascarada Esto es una reinvenci n del juego Diferentes clanes con sus respectivas Lineas de Sangre y una nueva diversidad de Alianzas que coexisten bajo la Mascarada agrega

  8. Richard Vince Richard Vince says:

    For those playing this system, an excellent resource book and reference tome Reading cover to cover harder as a touch over written Like most adult vampire fiction in that, I suppose.

  9. Sarah O& Sarah O& says:

    Vampire puts political maneuvering and classic horror in one tidy, bloody package.

  10. Radu Radu says:

    Third best of the series My personal list 1st Dark Ages, 2nd Masquerade, 3rd Requiem and then the rest.

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