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Kindle Edition  ✓ Viper Epub ñ If There S One Thing The Ashton Grove MC Can T Stand, It S A Man Taking His Fists To A Woman When Viper Sits Down To A Game Of Poker With The Red Devils MC And Their Sergeant At Arms Tosses A Woman In As His Bet, Viper Knows He Has To Win At All Costs Battered And Bruised, He Can Only Imagine The Horrors She S Faced, But Once He Wins Her, Viper Has No Clue What To Do With Her Scarlet Feels So Dirty She May Never Come Clean, But Now That She S Away From The Red Devils, She Can Let Down Her Guard There S Something About Viper S Touch That Sets Her On Fire And Makes Her Want , Even If He Hasn T Looked At Her In That Way As Much As Scarlet Would Love To Go Back To Her Old Life, She Knows That Isn T Possible With Viper S Wolf Prodding Him Along, And The Lecherous Glances Of His Brothers Sending Him Into A Rage, He Knows It S Only A Matter Of Time Before He Claims Scarlet But After Everything She S Been Through, Does She Have What It Takes To Be An Old Lady

10 thoughts on “Viper (Ashton Grove M.C. Book 1)

  1. D Thomas D Thomas says:

    Love Viper and Scarlet.Viper wins Scarlet in a poker game The Red Devil MC s had used and abused her He just doesn t know what to do with her His wolf does, but Viper doesn t think she is ready for any of that just yet In fact he doesn t think he wants a old lady or a mate Besides she needs a normal life and she won t get that in an M.C.Scarlet has been through a lot, but she is tougher then even she thinks Viper is good to her and h

  2. Matee Matee says:

    If I could give negative stars I would I am sick of this..This book was 37 pages for 2.99 Now before anyone starts shaming me for this let me state I understand that sometimes the author can not control what the publishers charge To this I say GET ANOTHER PUBLISHER As an author you have to know what they are charging To the author I say WRITE A WHOLE BOOK not a piece of one If you think you can write a story in 30 pages then you are wro

  3. Mollie Mollie says:

    3.5 Stars

  4. Tammy Casteel Tammy Casteel says:

    Loved it now I need to read the rest of the series

  5. Robin Morgan Robin Morgan says:

    I received a copy of this book after requesting it from The Romance Review website, after downloading it I didn t really want to wait reading so I read it as I ate my lunch.I doubt if I would even want to fantasize about being in Scarlet s shoes getting kidnapped off the street to become a mere sex toy for a motorcycle gang and to live a life where I would constantly be brutalized, humiliated and raped.And if I did fantasize, I would long for an

  6. Laurie Gyd Laurie Gyd says:

    Loved it Hot alpha males Check.MC.Check.rival MC..check.Wolf shiftersCheck Enter Scarlet kidnapped off the street months ago, held captive as their toyhumiliated, hurt, raped Enter Viper member of the Garous MC, shifters They protect women, so Viper steps into the Red Devils poker g...

  7. Bridgette Mabry-Whorton Bridgette Mabry-Whorton says:

    Ashton Grove MC is a hit Loved this latest edition to the Ashton Grove saga, they now have a motorcycle club I love how Jessica Coulter Smith has integrated the MC into the town There are familiar characters from the town along with Scarlet and wolf shifter Viper the first couple in this storyline...

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