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➻ Waking Up Free ➱ Author Renee Dyer – Submitalink.info For Adriana Monroe Life Couldn T Get Any Better She Has Great Friends, Her Photography Business Is Booming And She Married Alex, Her Childhood Best Friend Life Is Perfect It S A Fairy Tale ReallyBut One Night Changes Everything For HerSuddenly She S Alone She S Afraid To Trust And Afraid To Love Most Of All She S Afraid She S Broken Beyond Repair Nightmares Torment And Haunt Her Every Time She Closes Her EyesWill She Ever Be The Same For Tucker Stavros It Looks To The Outside World Like Things Come Easy For Him He S Gorgeous, Rich, Famous, Has A Hot Girlfriend Hell, He S A Movie Star If Women Aren T Trying To Get With Him Then Men Are Wishing They Are Him What They Don T See Is The Broken Child Hiding Behind The Smiles He Fakes For The Cameras They Don T See The Man Who Wakes Up Drenched In Sweat From His Nightmares From A Past He Can T EscapeBetrayal Sent Him RunningA Chance Encounter Throws Tucker And Adriana Together They Try To Fight Their Attraction For Each Other They Feel They Re Too Broken For The OtherWill They Continue To Suffer In The Hell Of Dreamland Separately Or Will They Find That Waking Up To Real Life Together Can Be So Much Sweeter

10 thoughts on “Waking Up

  1. Sarah Robinson Sarah Robinson says:

    This book is NOTHING like I was expecting it to be Not on the first page, not 20 pages in, not 150 pages in It was constantly surprising me because even when I was sure I knew what was going to happen, oh how off base I was I spent the entire time clutching my iPad like a lifeline I cried, I yelled, I was shocked, and I was in love I felt every emotion in t

  2. Abby P.Cook Abby P.Cook says:

    Guilt, sorrow, longing, pain, emptiness these are just a few of the emotions that Adriana Manroe is dealing with after the death of her husband Alex, the love of her life, I miss you so much Alex I wish I could kiss you onetime Touch you in any way I don t know how to do this without you How can she ever bring herself to move on Tucker Stavros the movie star, t

  3. Angie& Angie& says:

    Wow, the feels you get from reading this book, you go through so many emotions and often all at once you feel Adriana s pain over the death of her husband Alex She shuts everybody out not willing to hear his name or even touch her friends and keeping them from touching her without going into a panic anxiety attack that cripples her We meet movie star Tucker Stavros

  4. Lisa Karafa Lisa Karafa says:

    4.5 out of 5 Hollywood Heart throb stars Having not not read the synopsis of this book before I began reading and had no idea what I was in for It was a pleasant surprise While the dual POV from the main characters slowed my reading down at the beginning, once additional characters were introduced into the story, the book progressed at a nice pace.Adri and her friends

  5. Amazeballs Book Addicts Amazeballs Book Addicts says:

    Adriana Monroe has been living the last sixteen months of her life in Hell If you could even call it living Her husband and best friend, Alex, was killed in a car accident They had known each other since they met in Kindergarten In her attempts to deal with what has happened, Adriana has been pretending to be fine when she is around their close knit group of friends But sh

  6. Ashley Garland Ashley Garland says:

    This was Renee Dyer s debut novel and holy hell it was HOT She did an outstanding job writing this She brought in everyone s point of view and made it work amazingly.Adriana Monroe had everything she could ever want, an amazing job, the best friends anyone could ask for and the love of her life , Alex One horrible night her world came crashing down hard A year later she is sti

  7. Ashley Ashley says:

    I absolutely LOVED this book Like HARDCORE loved it Adriana, is still dealing with the death of her husband, Alex, that happened a year ago She still talks to him as if he is there Moving on is hard for her.Tucker, is a movie star yet hates it at the moment He is close to his grandmother and takes her advice He is funny, sexy and steamy.There is a lot of emotions in this book Love

  8. Holly Michelle Holly Michelle says:

    I loved this book I couldn t put it down I sat for hours reading it.The book is packed full of emotions And trust me you will feel everyone right along with the characters.The entire book is very personal and heartfelt The book is based over a couple week period of time We come to know Adriana a widow who is living her life as an otherwise empty shell, and Tucker the famous movie star

  9. Michael Burhans Michael Burhans says:

    Oh boy oh boy are you all in for a treat when this book is published Hot, funny, and some great storytelling UNBELIEVABLE that this story is from a first time author I can so see this being a movie Cannot tell you anything about it specifically but I found it amazing.

  10. Jaime Pendleton Jaime Pendleton says:

    This book was 5 stars and I need the next one like yesterday Summer better get here real soon What a great book with so much emotion

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