10 thoughts on “When Men and Mountains Meet

  1. Rajiv Chopra Rajiv Chopra says:

    This is quite the marvellous book I did not know about this until I picked it up recently, and it is quite an unknown gem The tales of the early explorers is quite stirring indeed.He has a knack of pulling out the stories of unknown people people who have lived stirring lives and bringing them back to life While the Himalayas may seem to be muchexplored nowadays, than before, they are quite the magnificent creations

  2. Juan Juan says:

    There is the sea, and there are the mountains, and there is something to be said for people attracted to both of them As far as mountains go, these are the grandest and last to be explored, and the book tells the story of this exploration in a way that is very vivid in its descriptions, able to keep you reading without ever losing interest Makes you wish to be there, getting power from these mountains, as ancient people

  3. Steve Steve says:

    Somehow I was disappointed by this one Certainly enjoyed his other booksparticularly The Great Arc It is certainly a thoroughly researched history It is however the description of this amazing landscape that really enthralled Interested to read ...

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