Whispering woods - tales from the Caledonian Forest MOBI

Whispering woods - tales from the Caledonian Forest MOBI Whispering Woods is a collection of stories about Scotland s native trees, that weave together threads of mythology and lore, herbal medicine, uses of timber and wood, woodland ecology and imagination to produce unique tales that are appealing to adults and children alike These stories will both entertain and inform Whilst entering into the imaginary world of the story, the reader or listener will also start to become familiar with the features of our native trees and their associated flora and fauna, leading to a deeper understanding of how species, including ourselves, depend on one another and the environment for survival These beautifully illustrated stories evolved through a fortuitous, accidental meeting between the author and a teacher searching for original stories to read to children in the forest stories that would both capture their imagination and enhance their understanding of, and respect for, the woodland environment They will bring much pleasure to all who love the natural world

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  1. Tamara Zann Tamara Zann says:

    This book has one star and five at the same time The stories are wonderful They are imaginative and well thought out and the connection with tree intrinsic and well represented However, the writing was an occasional horror There were sentences that made me cringe and every feeling and sentiment was repeated three or four times I found myself exclaimed I ve got it already, move on The writing spoi

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