[PDF] Witching Hour (On the Leash: Petgirl Tales) By María Gutierrez – Submitalink.info

[PDF] Witching Hour (On the Leash: Petgirl Tales) By María Gutierrez – Submitalink.info Determined To Enslave The World S Women, A Man Known Only As Dr Hundehersteller Develops A Range Of Devices To Transform Strong, Independent Women Into Mindlessly Obedient Petgirls Rather Than Attempt A Coup Right Away, The Good Doctor Begins His Insidious Plan By Assisting Those He Sees Are In Need These Stories Chronicle The Unfortunate Fates Of Those Foolish Or Unlucky Enough To Run Afoul Of His PlansThe Residents Of Meadowvale Have Noticed A Few Changes In The Way Women Are Treated, But Nothing Has Prepared Them For The Delights And Depredations On Offer At The New Costume Shop That Mysteriously Appears One Cold October Morning Witching Hour, Tells The Tale Of Four Women Whose Lives Are Changed Forever By The Shop Candy, The Former Salon Receptionist And University Student Whose Camping Trip With Friends Goes Awry When They Re Taken By Dr Hundehersteller, Who Gives Candy A New Leash On LifeLana, The Spoiled MILF Who Owns The Local Nail Salon And Lives To Make Her Ex Husband S Life A Living HellShauna, The Rich, Haughty Hottie With Big Tits And An Even Bigger AttitudeCori, The Bookshop Owner Who S Desperately In Love With Shauna Despite Her Cruel Mockery Of Her Affection All These Women Soon Discover The Transformational Power Of The Products Offered By Hundehersteller Industries, And For Better Or Worse, All Of Them Will Find Their Lives Changed Forever Once They Pass Through The Witching Hour

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