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!!> PDF / Epub ☉ Kinder than Solitude ✩ Author Yiyun Li – Submitalink.info Vaikuttava Tarina Menneeseen Vangituista Ihmisist Nelj Yst V Ja Murhayritys Onko Joku Kolmesta Syyllinen Yiyun Li Kietoo Koukuttavaan Murhamysteeriin Haikean, Hienosyisen Romaanin.Shaoai Kuolee Kiduttuaan Yli 20 Vuotta Vammautuneena Myrkyst Jota Sai Nuorena Tytt N Tiivis Yst V Piiri Oli Paikalla Myrkytyksen Sattuessa, Mutta Syyllinen Ei Koskaan Selvinnyt Miksi Joku Yst Vyksist Olisi Yritt Nyt Tappaa Shaoain Sittemmin Porukka On Hajonnut Kaksi On Muuttanut Amerikkaan, Yksi J Nyt Kiinaan, Mutta Kaikkia Painaa Edelleen Menneisyyden Taakka Monitahoinen Tarina Liikkuu Nyky Amerikan Ja 90 Luvun Kiinan V Lill Ja On Samalla Oivaltava Kuvaus Kiinan Globalisoitumisesta. Let me start with the good Thanks to Goodreads for sending me this book in a giveaway It s fun to be a winner I had never heard of Yiyun Li She has written a couple of other books and seems like she has a following of people that enjoy her novels She has a real easy writing style that flows along as you read it Just as a writer, I would say she has talent.The problem is what the book jacket led me to believe is the story A profound mystery is at the heart of this magnificent new novel is how the boo Coping mechanisms For how long can one cling on to them with a quiet desperation Long after grief subsided, long after the ache dealt by the blow of tragedy dulled, Ruyu, Moran and Boyang continued to let their lives revolve around their coping mechanisms In place of a youthful lust for life and unbounded optimism they made a gaping emptiness their constant companion, drew strength from their blunt indifference to the world at large, never caring for the interminable flow of time and living from one moment to the next one No expectations from those who touched their lives fleetingly Relationships established and subsequently shed like second skins just as easily An impenetrable fog of nothingness separated these three individuals from the world around them Deeply afraid of tenuous attachment, they chose the secure comfort of solitude.Orphaned in infancy, Ruyu had her perception of morality blurred by the blind religious fervor with which her grandaunts tried to indoctrinate her and later by Shaoai s everyday small cruelties Disillusioned with life at a tender age, she could only snub gentle Moran s offer of friendshi Library Overdrive ebook I went in blind I had no expectation Great surprise discovery This is the first book I ve read by Yiyun Li I m completely stoked Her writing intrigued me On almost every page there were excerpts I wanted to highlight Eventually I made myself stop analyzing every sentence stopped the highlighting and just snuggled under my comforter and read for the PURISTS PLEASURE I d gladly read this book again hell I just want soup bowls that Yiyun Li is dishing out Yiyun Li is my NEW FAVORITE DISCOVERY this year MORE PLEASE Where to begin This novel feels like many genres Fusion dishes of suspense murder mystery light or perhaps simply murder mystery irrelevant note the mystery will be clear in the end but the bigger mystery to me was why friends had such a hard time closely connecting rather they lived very solitary lives Continuing on as what to expect in this book Beijing American culture in the year 1990 historical fiction literary psychological thriller fiction coming of age part fairy tale immigrant orphan story and a family community saga over a twenty year span The characters are a variety pack special The multi layered package include troubled, idealistic, pessimistic, ar Perhaps there is a line in everyone s life that, once crossed, imparts a certain truth that one has not been able to see before, transforming solitude from a choice into the only possible line of existence For four friends, that line was crossed during their late teenage years, when one of them was poisoned, perhaps deliberately, perhaps accidentally, lingering in a physical limbo state until she finally dies years later The young man, Boyang, remains in China the two young women, Ruyu and Moran, move to the United States Each ends up living in what the author describes as a life long quarantine against love and life Kinder than Solitude is not primarily a mystery of a poisoned woman nor is it an immigrant experience book, although it is being hailed as both Rather, it s a deep and insightful exploration about the human condition how one s past can affect one s future, how innocence can be easily lost, and how challenging it is to get in touch with let alone salvage one s better self To have an identity to be known required one to possess an ego, yet so much , too a collection of people, a traceable track lining one place to another all these had to be added to that ego or one to have any kind of identity, Yiyun Li writes In the case of Moran, who married and divorced an older man she still cares for,what she called her life was only a way of not living, and by doing that, she had taken, her

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