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➸ Zephyr: Phase One Download ➿ Author Warren Hately – Submitalink.info Alternate Cover Edition For B00C3C4OZUZephyr Tells The Story Of A Major, If Somewhat Jaded Superhero In An Alternate Universe Where New York City Has Been Abandoned And The Beatles Were A Superhero Team Zephyr Is A Regular Guy With Massive Powers, But It S Easy To Wonder If His Life Might Have Been Better Without Them As Supervillains And Other Problems That Only Superhumans Can Deal With Derail His Efforts Handling Life. This is an intriguing deconstruction of the superhero concept Zephyr isn t Tony Stark or Peter Parker a genius whose upbringing somehow prepares him to be a superhero He s the one in a million working class Everyman who does something stupid, but receives god like superpowers instead of getting killed In his our celebrity obsessed world, he s a rock star But he s also tryin This book seems to be pretty heavily promoted on but I heartily suggest before you consider buying you use the Look Inside feature Straight away you plunge into a stream of consciousness of a character busily swearing, checking out other characters breasts and butts, and name checking celebrities in a fairly implausible way Eric Clapton goes past and high fives me and then immediately makes a face aghast like he mistook me for someone else The story is a superhero one but set in a real world environment How would our world react if superheroes really existed And what would those heroes be like in a world which would fete them as celebrities, even with their personality flaws It all reads like some weird wish fulfillment fantasy and not a pleasant one at that For example, early on, the hero uses a static electricity power to make the nipples of girls at a party harden Really Now if this is your kind of thing, then hey, the look inside will prepare When I saw Warren Hately promote Zephyr somewhere on the social media space, I wasn t sure what to expect of the book The cover image at first glance looked like a black and white version of the Joker, which I must admit was what drew me to it Also, he was giving Zephyr kindle edition away for free on , and well free stuff Zephyr.As a comic book reader, I was yet to read a novel type version of the same genre The beauty of comic books is in seeing the colourful characters come to life in vivid detail, facial expressions expressive than words, action sequences spanning across the panels with exaggerated font detailing the action I must admit that I had no problem imagining the world and characters in Zephyr with the same amount of detail The description is just as vivid, bringing Warren Hately s world to life in my mind I loved this about his writing style.A unique set of characters exist across the story Bearing in mind that superheroes are as ubiquitous as the skyscrapers they destroy, it is not an uncommon sight to see the costumed crusaders in the day to day happenings of life Which sets a unique world for the story Cons Being a hero is hard, but not as hard as being a dad and good husband.Meet Zephyr, one of the nation s most revered super heroes He s not alone in the tights game he prefers leather , but he likes to handle things solo after a botched attempt at a super group When he s not saving the city, partying with celebs and other supes, he s an unemployed dad to a teenage girl and husband I chose this book as my Kindle Lending Library for this month because it looked interesting and I was definitely not disappointed In fact, I liked it so much I bought the next two in the series almost immediately Great writing, interesting characters Looking forward to re Fun superhero fiction, with a hint of Chuck KlostermanIrreverent and fun, although the protagonist is somewhat unsympathetic at times but I guess that s part of the point of capepunk The mixing of superhero celebs and distorted parallel versions of our own e.g A Richard Gere Tom Cruise couple make for an amusing game of trying to match up events across timelines The first person narration feels no need to explain itself, and is consequently filled with blink and you Definitely not for the four color hero fan Bigotry, misogyny, homophobia and a whole lot of assholes Is this a picture of what the reality of folks with powers would be or is it a nightmare I don t know Best keep reading. Well the concept of this book had me interested, but it was too much I only got about 1 3 of the way in Zephyr is incredibly foul mouthed and while I m in no way a prude and will curse like a sailor, I felt like Review copied from my blog a superhero story for grown ups There s the super powers, the villains, the slightly ambiguous in betweens I m having to really try to avoid spoilers in this review We get to see our hero Zephyr deal with the press and trying to keep his normal identity secret which isn t something comics really touch on too much Warren Hately also manages to include all the battles and plots that comic readers tend to love, there seems to be something going on around every corner, I really feel for the poor normal people living in that world who have to deal with all the supercharged criminals without any powers of their own.There s a fair bit of adult content in this, well I m not sure how to describe it, novel comic so even though it s great and at certain points quite witty writing I would avoid letting children or anyone a bit on the prudish side read it.The idea that Zephyr is a veteran in the superhero world at just 35 is quite an interesting point, especially in the youth obsessed world we live in ourselves where older celebrities tend to get less press Though really it s likely that he s a veteran because of how dangerous the superhero world is, I mean how many of us would survive in a world where people can control pretty much any element I could easily see myself accident

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